Poem – Uttarayan

Poem – Uttarayan In Uttarayana’s gentle glowKites ascend, a vibrant show Everywhere is a joyful spreeWelcomes the sun bright and free Strings twirl in the azure spaceA colorful ballet a lively embrace Clear blue skies a canvas grandUttarayana’s magic across the land Sweet moments shared in the airLove and warmth beyond compare With each kite […]

Essay – Diwali

Essay – Diwali Diwali is my favorite festival of the year. It’s like a big party that everyone in my family and my building celebrates together. All of us children wait for it eagerly because it’s such a fun and exciting time. Diwali is also called the “Festival of Lights,” and it’s all about happiness, […]

Diwali Poem

Diwali Poem On Diwali the city aglow Lights flicker a radiant show With diyas that dance in a festive trance Happiness begins to overflow Families and friends unite hearts full of grace Savoring sweets in a jubilant embrace Crackers in the air and sparkles everywhere Joyful laughter with no sadness to trace The scent of […]

Aa Luck

Aa Luck The streets were crowded, the stores were busy. The houses were decorated and the children were made to wear costumes. It was finally Diwali, the biggest festival in our small village. Potters, doll makers, weavers, painters all sat in rows on either side of the enormous stage. The stage was stood on by […]

The Colours

The Colours When a colour touches us, all the lovely moments revisits at a glance. How it brings all our feelings nearer,so that it doesn’t go too far. It makes our heart delighted, & keeps our face lighted. That colour keeps a smile on the face,forgetting all annoyance. It showers love, friendship & happiness, killing […]


Holi On the day of Holi so brightColors fill the air with delight Faces smeared with red and greenJoyful smiles everywhere seen People throw and splash hues all aroundLaughter and fun in the air abound Water balloons and pichkaris in handWe all run and play across the land Delicious sweets and drinks to savorThe festival […]

Christmas Is Here

Christmas Is Here Christmas is hereA time of cheerSanta’s on his wayBringing joy to all on this special day The tree is trimmed and lights aglowFamilies gather, letting love flowGifts are given, hearts are fullOn this magical, snowy Christmas bull Let us be thankful for all we’ve receivedFor the love and joy that we have […]

The Grinch

The Grinch The Grinch was a creature so cold and so mean,He lived in a cave on a mountain so steep.He had a heart that was small, and his belly was round,But there was one thing that he didn’t have found: A reason to love, or a reason to care,For the people who lived in […]

Santa Claus

Santa Claus Twinkling lights on the tree,Stockings hung with care,Children snuggled in bed,Dreaming of Santa Claus there. He comes down the chimney,With a big red sack,Filled with toys and gifts,For the good boys and girls, looking back. He chuckles and smiles,As he fills up each stocking,Leaving behind treats,For the ones who have been good, no […]


Christmas Christmas is here, the snow is fallingThe lights are twinkling, the bells are calling The tree is lit, the presents are wrappedThe smell of cookies in the air The carols are playing, the snowman is madeThe holiday season is here to stay The lights twinkle and sparkle and shineThe Christmas carols, they all rhyme […]

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