Author : Vivian Fernandes

Christmas Is Near

Christmas Is Near Christmas is on its wayIt is not the time to go astrayIt is time to be good and niceOr being naughty will pay the price Clean your rooms and everywhereDirty clothes should be nowhereHelp Mom in her everyday choreEven though you feel it is a bore Being good today and everydayFor Santa […]


December December is the month, When families get together, To celebrate the holidays, In cold and snowy weather. The ground is so white, The sky peaceful at night, With Decorations everywhere, And presents below the Christmas tree. We say hello to Winter, And wave goodbye to the year, We light the Christmas tree, To spread […]

The Alien

The Alien Ayaan, Bilal and Francis were playing in the park. Suddenly the wind started blowing fiercely and a huge space shuttle appeared. The kids were surprised, but also scared to see an unusual spaceship. They had read so many stories about aliens landing on the earth, but they never thought they would witness it […]

True Friend

True Friend A friend is like a star,that shines bright and glows.A friend is like an guitar,from where music always flows. A friend is like gold,that you should treasure.A friend is someone you should always hold,for they takes care of you forever. A friend is like a guardian,that is there to guide you.A friend can […]

My Dear Grandpa

My Dear Grandpa From early in the morningUntil I go to sleep each dayI know my grandpa loves meIn a very special way Sometimes it’s milk in a mugOr just a walk in the parkSometimes it’s just a hugWhen I’m scared in the dark You take me everyday to schoolOr when I am bored to […]


Winters Icy winter everywhereUp on the hillsCool as a breezeSnowballs to throwSnowman to make Artic or AntarticNorth or SouthIcy winter you are thereCold as an ice-creamThat I would love to hold White as the cloudsPure as SilverCotton spread throughAnd fallen on treesIcy winter snow is here Deep in the valleyDraping the mount sidesYou fall on […]

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