The Grinch

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The Grinch

The Grinch was a creature so cold and so mean,
He lived in a cave on a mountain so steep.
He had a heart that was small, and his belly was round,
But there was one thing that he didn’t have found:

A reason to love, or a reason to care,
For the people who lived in the village down there.
He hated the laughter and joy that they shared,
And so he decided to cause them despair.

On the night before Christmas, he stole all their gifts,
And wrapped them in paper, with ribbons and lifts.
He took them up to his cave on the mountain so high,
And danced around with glee, as he watched the town sigh.

But the Grinch soon learned that he couldn’t steal love,
For the people of Whoville, it came from above.
They still had each other, and that was enough,
And they sang and they laughed, and they celebrated with cheer.

The Grinch realized then, that he’d been such a fool,
And he returned all the gifts, with a heart full of drool.
He apologized to the villagers, and asked for their pardon,
And from then on, the Grinch became a new man.

He learned to love, and to give and to share,
And he lived in the cave on the mountain so bare,
But he wasn’t alone, for the villagers came to visit,
And they taught him the true meaning of Christmas.

By Lucas Brown

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The Grinch

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