Author : Aisha Lee

The Jungle Adventure

The Jungle Adventure Once upon a time in the heart of the jungle, there lived an elephant named Ellie and a mouse named Mikey. Now, Ellie was a gentle giant with enormous ears and an even bigger heart. Mikey was a tiny mouse with an even tinier sense of fear. One sunny morning Ellie decided […]


Christmas Christmas is here, the snow is fallingThe lights are twinkling, the bells are calling The tree is lit, the presents are wrappedThe smell of cookies in the air The carols are playing, the snowman is madeThe holiday season is here to stay The lights twinkle and sparkle and shineThe Christmas carols, they all rhyme […]

Favourite Color Green

Favourite Color Green I love the color greenLike celery and green beansI love to drink green teaAnd sometimes I wonder what to see A cute green dinosaur is what I wantSo I can take him to my favorite restaurantWhere we can eat green pudding and cakeAnd top it up with an ice-cream shake I love […]

I Love Chocolate

I Love Chocolate I love chocolate, yes I do ! Yummy chocolate, here’s a few Pudding, cookies, pies and cakes Or in big glass of thick cream shake A little cup of cocoa on a winter day To make to you warm like a sunny hay Oh, don’t forget there is ice cream too! I […]

I Am A Unicorn

I Am A Unicorn I am a unicorn flying on a cloudWith my horn high and singing very loud I am a unicorn softly touching the skyFloating above with a twinkle in my eye I am a unicorn different from the restTrying to do my best is my life long quest I am a unicorn […]

The Jungle Song

The Jungle Song In the jungle are many wild animalsTheir noises can sometimes make you trebleGiraffes are tall with necks so longElephants trunk are big and strongZebras have stripes and can gallop awayWhile monkeys in the trees like to swayCrocodiles swims in the pool so deepOr lies in the Sun and goes to sleepLions roars […]

Chocolate Bunny

Chocolate Bunny Once a yearYou visit hereMy chocolate bunnyOh so dear. First go your earsAnd then your noseOh no! I thinkI ate your toes. So I bite into your tummyThough it is emptyYou are still yummy. Now all I haveIs your little tailI saved it in my Easter pail. You are now goneI can’t ignoreOh […]

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