Author : Harshit Kumar

Independence Day

Independence Day In lands where dreams of freedom soar,A day of pride and joy we adore,With colors bright and hearts held high,Indian Independence Day draws nigh. From struggles fierce, a nation rose,Breaking chains, releasing throes,Gandhi’s voice, a beacon true,Led the march, with hope anew. On this sacred day, we stand as one,Honoring battles hard-fought and […]

Honesty Saves Village

Honesty Saves Village Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the heart of a lush forest, there lived a young boy named Ganesh. Ganesh was known throughout the village for his honesty and integrity. He was always truthful, even when it was difficult, and he was respected by all who knew him. […]

A Good Habit

A Good Habit Rian reads more than anyone he knows. He loves to read during all of his free time. His friends used tease him because he would rather read than play video games, but his parents and his teachers are proud of him. They say reading is important, and it will help him learn […]

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