Author : Kavya Ganeshan

Handful Grain – Stories of Tenali Rama

Handful Grain – Stories of Tenali Rama There was an arrogant woman named Vidhya in the Vijayanagara Kingdom. She was proud of loved showing off her intelligence. One day she put up a board outside her house, offering anyone 1000 gold coins if they could outsmart her in wisdom and intelligence. Many scholars took up […]

My Puppy Dog

My Puppy Dog My family got a new dogIts fur is short and whiteI totally love himHe is an absolute sight He is a small puppyAnd always outside my doorHe licks me slurpyAnd wags his tail for more He is always by my sideNo matter where I goHe is my friendly guideWhen there is nowhere […]

Why I Didn’t Get My Homework Done

Why I Didn’t Get My Homework Done I forgot to get my homework done,and my teacher will ask me why. I could say a wonderful lie,that I was baking an apple pie. I could tell her that my dog,ate it with a slurp like it was thai. I could tell her that ugly racoons,came to […]

Owning Your Mistake

Owning Your Mistake Raghu was a curious boy. He was fond of reading adventure stories. He lived with his grandfather. One night, he stealthily entered the store room where his grandfather kept his priceless antiques. Raghu knew his grandfather did not like anyone to touch his rare collections. Once inside the room, Raghu stood on […]

The Rock On The Road

The Rock On The Road One day the minister saw that the king was in a thoughtful mood. He walked upto the king and asked him “What are you thinking my lord?” The king sighed and said “Are people becoming indifferent and selfish?”. The minister who was well known for his wisdom said “My lord, […]

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