Author : Nithya Prasad

Essay – Diwali

Essay – Diwali Diwali is my favorite festival of the year. It’s like a big party that everyone in my family and my building celebrates together. All of us children wait for it eagerly because it’s such a fun and exciting time. Diwali is also called the “Festival of Lights,” and it’s all about happiness, […]

I Love Jalebi

I Love Jalebi Oh sweet and sticky jalebi,Your aroma fills the air,Your vibrant golden hue,Draws me to everywhere. Your sugary syrup coating,Makes my mouth water and drool,My mouth waters just thinking,Of your delightful jalebi fuel. Your crunchy texture,Makes me want more,A perfect accompaniment,To a delicious cup of chai or tea. Oh sweet and sticky jalebi,I […]

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