Author : Daniel Everett

Weekend Is Here

Weekend Is Here It’s the weekend, no more school,Time to have some fun, that’s the rule!There’s so much to do, so much to see,Let’s explore, and be free! We could go out, and play some ball,Or have a picnic, and eat some meatballs.We could ride our bikes, on a sunny day,And feel the wind, blowing […]

Christmas Is Here

Christmas Is Here Christmas is hereA time of cheerSanta’s on his wayBringing joy to all on this special day The tree is trimmed and lights aglowFamilies gather, letting love flowGifts are given, hearts are fullOn this magical, snowy Christmas bull Let us be thankful for all we’ve receivedFor the love and joy that we have […]


Winters When you go out in snowingAnd look up in the skyYou’ll feel lot of icy kissesAs the snow flakes flutter by All the trees around areLike frosted cakesEverything is covered upWith all the snow flakes Up are the shiny starsThe streets covered in frozen snowI am shivering like a bearWhen the icy wind blows […]

Rainy Day

Rainy Day I put on my coatAnd boots on my feetI put on my hatTo stroll down the street Beautiful is this rainAfter the dust and heatLike a cold showerIn the broad and fiery street The rain falls downFrom the clouds aboveSplashing in the puddlesIs what I love By Daniel E Visit our Facebook Page […]

The Sunflower Seeds

The Sunflower Seeds There was once a teacher who gave his pupils some seeds so they could plant, and look after, their very own sunflower. One boy in the class, who loved sunflower seeds, was so excited that he planted the seed and looked after it with great care for many days. However, he grew […]

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