The Grinch And The Snow

The Grinch And The Snow

The Grinch And The Snow

It was a cold snowy Saturday winter morning. I was cuddled in my blanket and drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows.”Darsh!” My mom called ,”Get ready and come down stairs.” I wore my amazing red shiny Christmas sweater. I went down stairs. My mom took out the gingerbread cookies from the oven. “YAY!!!” I shouted. I ate the cookies and they were so good!!!

Last night there was a snow blizzard. I looked out of the window and I could not believe on my eyes!! The backyard was full of green fluffy snow. “Wow! It’s so cool!!”, I wore my snow boots, jacket, scarf, hat, and mittens and ran outside. I wanted to make a snowman but the snow was green. Then I had an “Idea!! I will build a Grinch”. I was still thinking about why there was green snow. When the grinch was finished it looked so cool.

My parents called me inside so I went. I had to study because my parents told me to. I got my paper and finished it. There was multiplication, division,addition and subtraction.After I finished my study, I looked out of the window and the Grinch wasn’t there. “OMG!” I said, “It’s gone”. I ran outside with my sled.

I decided to get my ice skates too and went outside. “OW!!!” I Exclaimed, ”What was that?” Green snowflakes were falling from the roof. “Hey!” I shouted, “Stop!!!” Someone was on the roof. Was that the Grinch?? I ice skated to the ladder. I climbed on to the roof. “I got you now!” It was the grinch that I made. He had a bag. I just realized that the green snow can turn stuff that we build into real life. He threw mini igloos down the roof.”woah woah”. I dodged the mini igloos“HA” said the grinch “you will never catch me.

He ran and it looked like he was going to the chimney but he does not know something. I set a trap for Santa. He jumped in the chimney and he was captured. “ What in the world!!!” he said. I told grinch all about his mistake and he learned his lesson. He mumbled “ I am so sorry I understand my mistake”. He cried a little. I let him out of the trap and in that moment he ran away.

By Darsh Goswami

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The Grinch And The Snow

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