Diwali Poem

Diwali Poem - Little Authors

Diwali Poem

On Diwali the city aglow
Lights flicker a radiant show
With diyas that dance in a festive trance
Happiness begins to overflow

Families and friends unite hearts full of grace
Savoring sweets in a jubilant embrace
Crackers in the air and sparkles everywhere
Joyful laughter with no sadness to trace

The scent of incense a mystical veil
Blessings whispered in every detail
Amidst prayers they share and hope fills the air
Love and warmth that will never fail

Diwali a time for all to rejoice
A celebration with a resounding voice
Goodness and light chase away the night
In this festival let’s all rejoice!

By Varun Agarwal

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Diwali Poem

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