Author : Aliana Khatri


Holi On the day of Holi so brightColors fill the air with delight Faces smeared with red and greenJoyful smiles everywhere seen People throw and splash hues all aroundLaughter and fun in the air abound Water balloons and pichkaris in handWe all run and play across the land Delicious sweets and drinks to savorThe festival […]

World Book Day

World Book Day On World Book Day we celebrateThe power of words on what they createStories and knowledge both old and newFrom pages of books that we turn to In every book a new adventure liesA chance to see through new eyesWe remember times long goneAnd discover new ideas to ponder upon From children’s tales […]

The Old Miser

The Old Miser There once was an old miser who lived in an old house with a garden. The old miser used to hide all his money under stones in his garden. Every night, before he went to bed, the miser went out into his garden to count his money. He continued the same routine […]

The Missing Ball

The Missing Ball Rajan and Myra were brother and sister. They lived in a one storied house along with their parents. There was also a dog in their house named Jumbo. Which was very cute and very naughty but everyone loved Jumbo. Both of them liked him. All three played together with that ball. One […]

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