Author : Samriddha Biswas

The Sun

The Sun “I fell down,I losed the battle of lifeI lost all I need to surviveI have drowned.”Says my mind,But I say“No, you’re absolutely wrongI’m far more strong.I never lose!I never cried!I never broke!I never hide!People knows nothing about me,Oh! They can’t hold me back,’cause I’m entirely free.Let them do with all their might,Only I […]

A New Chapter Of Life

A New Chapter Of Life A day, how suddenly turns a new yearto some, not life but possessions are dear.Life is short & briefenjoy it, you’re just a tender young leaf. Train of thoughts all at onceto do something for the year, there’s no more chance.Just it was 2022 & in a blink, 2023now this […]

Water Knows Everything

Water Knows Everything Passes hundreds of days and nights,as I see the cries & fights.A story of each day,someone or the other going away.My each drop of emotional tear,forming each mighty glacier.They melt to flow as river,being eternal & immortal forever.Water remembers everything,be that the history or a wars starting.How a flake of fire turns […]

A Poetic Life

A Poetic Life Wherever I seetouch & feela sense of positivity emits. Flowers shape the garden,colours have painted thema huge that washes away. The sky of blue& meadows greenmix away in the sea. Away to the horizon they meet& the vast blue oceanwith the sky’s reflectionwhere ships go in fleet. The smell of the wet […]


Tricolour The tricolour flies,in the airfrom the last breathe of every soldiersfor my India who cared. The tricolour wavedwhen we got independencefrom the British& are independent. The tricolour flieswhen a soldier dosen’t diebut becomes eternalforever in life. By Samriddha Biswas Visit our Facebook Page : Little Authors | Facebook

The Mud Game

The Mud Game The children ram awayin the wet mudto playwhatever they wanted. They preferred playing footballhow amazing the experience wasto kick the muddy ball& goal. Seeing the children playin the pouring raintheir dogs also couldn’t resist themselves& came out to join the game. The children threw all their umbrellas farthinking they won’t need it […]

The Mother, Our Pride

The Mother, Our Pride As I open my eyesbeing a child of the motherI lay on the lap& just have known the wail & cry. The mother is loving & caresgave us a place to stayprotects us& looks after all the affairs. She’s our prideher rules we abide by.We pledge to protect our mother Indiaeverything […]

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