Author : Samriddha Biswas

I’m Proxima Centauri

I’m Proxima Centauri Hi! I’m Proxima Centauri,a little red dwarf starthat lives really far. I don’t shine very much,that’s why for long long time I can lastthough 10 billion years pass. I’m so small & a little babythat nobody could see,but scientists have made me happyby discovering me atleast. The head of the Solar Systemmy […]


Science Science, all aroundwherever you walk or talk or touch the ground.It’s there,when in the Merry-Go-Roundyou go round & round,& it’s foundwhile healing a wound.When you’re sitting, it’s called restwhen you run, there’s motion in your pace.There’s science for gold’s wonderful lustre& also for Pyramid’s great architecture.It’s there in manufacturing of computers& the formation of […]


Friend How can you call one as friend?until & unless you know where is their end. You’ll trust, love, share & give your time happilyif you’re a loyal & trustworthy. But for a moment when you help themthey’ll remain with you as a friend, when you’ll get stuck in the rainthen they couldn’t be seen […]

Known But Unknown

Known But Unknown It is something,precious than a ringcomes to us in every springas a present in the dream. It’s there, everywhere we walk aroundwherever the evergreens are found.It’s there under the grounda bit down into the water towns. And what a glory!just like magics of a story.Smiles merrilywith full of glee. It loves colour& […]

I Am A …

I Am A … I’ve four arms & legs,but I don’t even know my name.I sit all day on the floor,although nothing is there for me that I could have wore. I’m simply brown,but see Joyee is pink,Hops is yellow,& Nancy got fancy in designs & her blue gown. How fun their life is!If only […]

Are We Really Losing Our Mother?

Are We Really Losing Our Mother? The home for all, the human beings as well as the beautiful creatures is none other than our pretty green mother Earth. She has provided every single things we require starting from food, water, oxygen, etc & even most precious, our own lives. There’s no lack of anything. She […]

The Storm

The Storm When the clouds grumble& the wind rustles,all the things tumbles. The clouds shout in joy,breaking through the houses just like a toy.The lightnings come rushing,along with the wind gushing. How terribly the trees break down,with rubbles all around.All the glasses & windows & plates get crazyall with the wind & dust that makes […]

Unknown God

Unknown God A person who gives us unconditional love,to know it’s very tough. We don’t know & ignore,but the person hides the feelings within the chore. Cares for all of us,whatever is the person’s own tsk. Does everything for the family,all the time happily. Sometimes we forget,the one who, for us waits. The person wants […]

The Name That Never Fades

The Name That Never Fades Whenever we talk about the word ‘Literature’ the first name that appears in our mind is the most renowned poet & writer of the globe, the one who is within our heart is none other than Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore. His name is known to each & every citizens of the […]

A Wish ‘Freedom’

A Wish ‘Freedom’ After days & nights,from the wet soil peeks a little child. From many obstacles it comes out,to see a new world around. While growing it knew about the terrible actions,falling off its elders in huge fractions. It just saw & in the wind it sway,to ignore the sorrows of its life & […]

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