Author : Karl Washington

Santa Claus

Santa Claus Twinkling lights on the tree,Stockings hung with care,Children snuggled in bed,Dreaming of Santa Claus there. He comes down the chimney,With a big red sack,Filled with toys and gifts,For the good boys and girls, looking back. He chuckles and smiles,As he fills up each stocking,Leaving behind treats,For the ones who have been good, no […]


Winter You might not like winterYou might think it is too coldOr you just like to complainBecause maybe you are too old I like adding myself upIn coats with boots on my feetI love to see my breath fog upOr run in the snow across the street I love this climateBreak ice for a drinkIn […]

Teacher Took My iPad

Teacher Took My iPad My teacher took my iPad said she had a rule I couldn’t bring to class or even to school She said she would return itlater in the dayBut she tried the headphoneand in mistake clicked on play She looked a little startledbut after playing for a whileShe made sure we were […]

You Da Man!

You Da Man! Ever since my life began,I realized that “You da man!” I saw your wisdom, your courage too,And I learned I could rely on you. Your tolerant nature was really great;Nevertheless, you’d not hesitate To let me know when I’d been bad;It must have been hard, but that’s being a dad. You’re strong […]

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