Author: Ayaan Chettiar

Rainy Season

Rainy Season Summer says bye, while the rain bids hello,The hols are at an end, they went nice and slow…Time to pick up the old books, cause the heat’s flown by,Looking out the window, there are clouds in the sky… The drops flow down the sill, cause it’s rainy day time,And everyone is smiling at […]


Spring When the flowers start to blossom,Fresh air, it feels so awesome,In the Middle of March, it begins. Cats meow, and dogs, they bark,You’d like to go fer’ a stroll into the park, Spring’s all around the corner,Fun, it has no lasting border. Life’s a joy, so great a dream,Enjoying nature, it starts to gleam, […]

Around The World

Around The World On Friday Eve, Ms. Globe, she said,To make a map of Geography,From pictures all over the world,Fact files were the simple key When the bell went off, the students scram,But me and Jack, we stayed quite back,And thought, “How to go around the world?”Without a little help from Tinkerbell! So we raced […]


Courage When you’re up against a trouble, Don’t just walk away and ignore, Make your move and stand right up, Cause that’s what makes you score, There’s nothing to lose, stand right in front, Don’t try to run, cause it just won’t work… You may succeed, you may fail, That doesn’t matter, don’t just stay […]

The Ladder To The Moon

The Ladder To The Moon Stanley Ink lived in a yellow house, at the corner of Labor Street. Behind the house was a large backyard where his dog Tiberious was playing with a small bone it had found earlier in the backyard. Since morning Stanley was feeling a little different. He tried to brush it […]

Christmas Poem

Christmas Poem Christmas lies around the corner,With the stars shining brightNow there is the time of the year,Of wonders and delight Decorations on our wallsAnd here in Christmas, snow it falls,The breezy wind, oh how it blew,Merry Christmas to you! Ornaments up on our tree,Now it is, we smile with glee,Red and white comes Santa […]

Reading Is Fun

Reading Is Fun The library was full of books,Big and small, in different looks,I sat upon, in suit and bow,And read the tales of Sherlock Holmes My mind was full of countless mythsI read upon Henry the FifthBlyton’s tales were on my mind,I read through all I could find! Potter’s life was full of powers,I […]

Tiffins At Lunch

Tiffins At Lunch At a time, that feels so long ago,Me and my friends sat together you knowWe opened our tiffins in unison, we did,Our cheeky little hands lifted the lids. Nuts and fruits and biscuits, oh yum!Snacks, and crackers and cheese for our tums,Potato wafers that let out a crunchAll of it inside our […]

How The Sun Shines In The Sky

How The Sun Shines In The Sky In the Morning, at the crack of dawnThe Sun gives us a wake-up call,The birds, they chirp and they fly,How the Sun Shines in the Sky Its heat and light shines everywhere,All of us inside its lair,Its yellow rays bright up the sky,The Sun, it seems to smile! […]

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