Author : Ayaan Chettiar

The Adventurers : Santa’s Sleigh

The Adventurers : Santa’s Sleigh New York City was the home of the greatest explorers on the planet: The Adventurers. A daring duo of incredible prowess and wit, ready to solve mysteries and explore the globe for prized treasures. Ayaan and  Aayra had gone on many adventures around the world, from the topmost peaks of […]

The Night Out

The Night Out You can see it on our merry face,Our energy can’t be controlled,Fun levels are over the roof,Our happiness knows no bounds! As we sit down and enjoy a chat,With friends both old and new,Maybe play a round of Sequence, Chess,Or flip an UNO Card around! The sound of murmurs echo through these […]

Happy Teacher’s Day

Happy Teacher’s Day Every day, I rejoice and I come to school, I come to learn and I come to bloom, So many subjects I get to explore, But what touches me most is the love and the care that you show. Teachers, they’re like the closest touch,Teachers, they’ll help you get to the crust,Teachers, […]

The Wizard of Math

The Wizard of Math In the shadow of the evening, Came the wizard of Math, Peering into the windows, From inside his crooked hat, Saw the children all sleeping, Every youngster but one, For he was poring over his algebra, Shaking his head, all confused, In the flicker of the nightlight,The wizard disappeared,Then re-emerged a […]

Climate Change

Climate Change Us humans live in recent times, The apex species in our minds, But this growing world brings with it change, Our climate changing day-by-day! Our globe seems to simply heat up, Climate Change is all the talk, With greenhouse gases in the air, Our ecosystem seems to tear! The pollution levels seem to […]

The Chess Poem

The Chess Poem 8 by 8 makes 64In the game of chess, the king shall ruleKings and queens, and rooks and knightsBishops and Pawns, and the use of mind The Game goes on, the players thinkPlans come together, form a linkAttacks, checks and captureUntil, of course, we reach a mate The Pawns march forward, then […]

Rainy Season

Rainy Season Summer says bye, while the rain bids hello,The hols are at an end, they went nice and slow…Time to pick up the old books, cause the heat’s flown by,Looking out the window, there are clouds in the sky… The drops flow down the sill, cause it’s rainy day time,And everyone is smiling at […]


Spring When the flowers start to blossom,Fresh air, it feels so awesome,In the Middle of March, it begins. Cats meow, and dogs, they bark,You’d like to go fer’ a stroll into the park, Spring’s all around the corner,Fun, it has no lasting border. Life’s a joy, so great a dream,Enjoying nature, it starts to gleam, […]

Around The World

Around The World On Friday Eve, Ms. Globe, she said,To make a map of Geography,From pictures all over the world,Fact files were the simple key When the bell went off, the students scram,But me and Jack, we stayed quite back,And thought, “How to go around the world?”Without a little help from Tinkerbell! So we raced […]


Courage When you’re up against a trouble, Don’t just walk away and ignore, Make your move and stand right up, Cause that’s what makes you score, There’s nothing to lose, stand right in front, Don’t try to run, cause it just won’t work… You may succeed, you may fail, That doesn’t matter, don’t just stay […]

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