Our Paradise

Our Paradise Once a peaceful magnificent paradise,Now a land we destroyed.Can we not give up our ignorance, a small sacrifice. The night that was freckled with white,Now only a canvas black,Stars overshadowed by a dark curtain of smoke, but they still fight. Disaster and calamities have spread across,Mountains fall, water floods the plains,Creating havoc wherever […]


Journey Jamming our backpacks and running to the car, Out on the plains dandelions afar. Up on the hills a beautiful view, ugh! I stepped on some mud ew! Roses and rock cresses all around, Nightfall is nearing as the sun goes down. Everything’s dark and there’s a mysterious feel, to be honest it’s not […]

Chandrayaan 3 – A Pride Of India

Chandrayaan 3 – A Pride Of India Chandrayaan 3, India’s lunar quest,In moon’s embrace, we manifest our best. With pride it lands, our flag unfurled,A testament to dreams that span the world. Through craters and plains, its journey unfolds,A saga of courage, where stories are told. Chandrayaan 3, in lunar domain,India’s spirit shines, a triumphant […]

A Poetic Life

A Poetic Life Wherever I seetouch & feela sense of positivity emits. Flowers shape the garden,colours have painted thema huge that washes away. The sky of blue& meadows greenmix away in the sea. Away to the horizon they meet& the vast blue oceanwith the sky’s reflectionwhere ships go in fleet. The smell of the wet […]

Race To The Moon

Race To The Moon Once upon a time there was a rivalry,To win a race that would be mankind’s infinity.It was a fight between U.S and U.S.S.R so fiery.Only the bravest astronauts would take part in this attempt so scary! I’ll tell you it’s not a war on ground,It’s a war in space so very […]


Dreams What happens in your dreams at the darkest point of night?There sure will be fairies but will there be knights?It might be dreams happy and bright,But some people have nightmares to fight. Dreams might be showcasing your desire,But do dreams show you claiming what you desire?Will dreams truly show the things you acquire?I have […]

Independence Day

Independence Day In lands where dreams of freedom soar,A day of pride and joy we adore,With colors bright and hearts held high,Indian Independence Day draws nigh. From struggles fierce, a nation rose,Breaking chains, releasing throes,Gandhi’s voice, a beacon true,Led the march, with hope anew. On this sacred day, we stand as one,Honoring battles hard-fought and […]


Tricolour The tricolour flies,in the airfrom the last breathe of every soldiersfor my India who cared. The tricolour wavedwhen we got independencefrom the British& are independent. The tricolour flieswhen a soldier dosen’t diebut becomes eternalforever in life. By Samriddha Biswas Visit our Facebook Page : Little Authors | Facebook

The Mud Game

The Mud Game The children ram awayin the wet mudto playwhatever they wanted. They preferred playing footballhow amazing the experience wasto kick the muddy ball& goal. Seeing the children playin the pouring raintheir dogs also couldn’t resist themselves& came out to join the game. The children threw all their umbrellas farthinking they won’t need it […]

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