Seasons Five climatic colors, sometimes breeze, hail or sun, Its character is such a fun. Welcoming winter begins the year, Shivering, Annuals are near. Sanguine spring next in March pleasant, With treats and presents. Went away the frosty weather, C’mon, plan to go somewhere either. There’s sunny season,Not planning holiday, what’s the reason? Spied correct, […]


Sunset It’s such a fun, To see the setting sun. And everyone will teach, To approach a beach, Loved by every and each. Think of contented life beside ocean, Greeting waves in the motion. Relishing the orange sky,White doves that fly. Comes soft breeze,Then the temperature decrease. After the exhausting office day,Relaxing at the bay. […]

Cherishing The Glory Of India

Cherishing The Glory Of India It’s the republic day of our motherland,When whole globe comprehends. That India is picture of unity, secularism and diversity,And on the way to rule the global community. India is growing in every field,Let be technology, sports or science shield. Let’s relive moments of pride,The awe inspiring events we ride. We […]

Guess Who

Guess Who Once upon a time in the city, It was a moment to present pity. Died the lady of the town, Who was owner of the crown. It was the queen who died, But no one caught the sight. Prayers in the whole city for the died queen, Assumed the killer so keen. Murder […]

Poem – Uttarayan

Poem – Uttarayan In Uttarayana’s gentle glowKites ascend, a vibrant show Everywhere is a joyful spreeWelcomes the sun bright and free Strings twirl in the azure spaceA colorful ballet a lively embrace Clear blue skies a canvas grandUttarayana’s magic across the land Sweet moments shared in the airLove and warmth beyond compare With each kite […]

A New Chapter Of Life

A New Chapter Of Life A day, how suddenly turns a new yearto some, not life but possessions are dear.Life is short & briefenjoy it, you’re just a tender young leaf. Train of thoughts all at onceto do something for the year, there’s no more chance.Just it was 2022 & in a blink, 2023now this […]

My New Year Resolution

My New Year Resolution In the land of twelve where dreams take flightI gaze ahead at the brand-new light.This year oh the wonders I’ll exploreIn adventures untold I’ll seek and more. With backpack on and sneakers lacedI’ll venture forth with joy embraced.To hills and valleys rivers wideIn nature’s arms I’ll take my stride. New friendships […]

What Happened To The Dinos

What Happened To The Dinos I have always wondered what really happened to the dinos,Did they actually die because of a crater?Or was it stuff that scientists just made up,To fool their fellow beings. I have always wondered what really happened to the dinos,Did the teleport to another planet.Did they get tired of earth and […]

What Lurks In The Shadows

What Lurks In The Shadows I always wonder what lurks in the shadows in the dark,Something murky and vague.Causing a moment of palpable ,stomach-sinking terror.It frightens the ghost out of me! I always wonder what lurks in the shadows at the peak of night,I cringe back in fear of the night.The ominous and evil zombies […]

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever A golden tail wagging side to sideswooshing as they run outside Beaded eyes and buttoned noseBut their peevishness will keep you on your toes Chasing squirrels an all-time hitThey’ll run after them, at least where they fit Gladly up for hugs and cuddles,And will always jump into puddles When they play they leave […]

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