Author : Rajveer Doshi

Nighty Night

Nighty Night It’s dark nighty nightThe sun is now nowhere in sightThere’s darkness outside, left and rightWith surroundings all over so quietThe moon is shining brightTrying to close its eyesThe stars are twinkling so brightWith all their might and dim breezy light all nightIt’s nine at nightWith stomach full and very tightIt’s time to sleep […]

Two Friends

Two Friends Lara was a beautiful butterfly She loves to fly high in the blue sky Her friend Sara was a fly She was scared and very shy Lara and Sara went to the park They were as happy as a lark Lara and Sara went to meet their friends Holding their hands in hands […]


Food Food, Food, FoodLove food, Love food.Our world revolves around foodEat food, yummy food. Eating fruits and veggiesMake you strongerEating right and healthyLet you live longer.Food, Food makes us goSo, eat healthy and nutritious foodAs it would do you goodAnd make us grow and glowSo Love food, Love food. Food, Food, FoodIt makes us feel […]

The Diya Fairy

The Diya Fairy Once there lived a cute little girl named Riya. Riya was very kind and helpful. It was Diwali time. Few days before Diwali Riya was cleaning the house for festive season. She was cleaning the diyas and suddenly, something strange happened. She was cleaning and when she pick one of the diya […]

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