Author : Varun Agarwal

Diwali Poem

Diwali Poem On Diwali the city aglow Lights flicker a radiant show With diyas that dance in a festive trance Happiness begins to overflow Families and friends unite hearts full of grace Savoring sweets in a jubilant embrace Crackers in the air and sparkles everywhere Joyful laughter with no sadness to trace The scent of […]

Chandrayaan 3 – A Pride Of India

Chandrayaan 3 – A Pride Of India Chandrayaan 3, India’s lunar quest,In moon’s embrace, we manifest our best. With pride it lands, our flag unfurled,A testament to dreams that span the world. Through craters and plains, its journey unfolds,A saga of courage, where stories are told. Chandrayaan 3, in lunar domain,India’s spirit shines, a triumphant […]

Are Exams A Pain ?

Are Exams A Pain ? School exams are a pain, it’s trueAll that studying can make you blueThe pressure’s high, the stress is realBut there’s a reason for this ordeal Exams test what we have learnedAnd help us see where we have turnedThey show us where we need to improveAnd where we’ve already made a […]

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