The Anthropocene Epoch

The Anthropocene Epoch The Anthropocene epoch is a term used to describe the current geological era, in which human activity has become the dominant force shaping the earth’s environment and ecosystems. This term recognizes the significant impact that humans have had on the planet, from the burning of fossil fuels to the destruction of natural […]

Save The Stripes

Save The Stripes Have you ever wondered of the most magnificent creature of the whole animal kingdom? I suppose not because that’s the reason why they’re fading away nowadays. It is Tigers! Shocked? Isn’t it? Yes but he’s the majestic one whose beauty is speechless & has absolutely no comparison with even the lions. His […]

Essay – R.K. Narayan

Essay – R.K. Narayan Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanswami (1906-2001) was an Indian writer and novelist, best known for his tales set in the fictional South Indian town of Malgudi. Better known by his pen name R.K. Narayan, he is widely recognized as one of the leading authors of his day and has been awarded with […]

The Solar System

The Solar System Today I am going to write about solar system. The ‘sun’ is a big round like a ‘Fire ball’. It gives us heat to every planet. The sun is also called the ‘Big fire star’. “Mercury” is smallest and first largest Planet from the sun. Mercury has a special feature and that […]

Water Pollution

Water Pollution Day by day, marine animals are leading to extinction and their numbers are decreasing. This is also because the water which they drink from the seas, lakes, ponds, rivers etc. is not at all good. The water bodies are getting contaminated. Humans know the reason behind this, and however, they themselves are the […]

The Dark Mystery

The Dark Mystery Are you interested in Space Science? Do you know about Space Time? Or interested in mysterious facts of the Dark Vast Space? If you are…. then you might have heard about the very important terms nowadays ‘Wormhole’ & ‘Time Machine’. If not…. Not at all an issue to worry about. Let’s Find […]

Never To Be Alone

Never To Be Alone A victim of severe depression, bipolar disorder and psychosis since 12, I spent a lot of my life struggling with myself. I bled inside from repetitive stabs of pain, bled outside from efforts of escaping from pain. I felt death slowly approach me responding to my calls, but for some strange […]

Why Are We Depressed?

Why Are We Depressed? Nowadays people have became quite advanced to clutch a phone in their hands, use mixer grinders & washing machines, calculate by the help of robots & calculators etc. Specially improvement can be seen in countries like Japan & USA. So why does a problem still triggers whereas it should be free […]

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