Trying To Get Comfortable

Trying To Get Comfortable Alex stood nervously at the gates of Oakwood Heights High School, clutching a schedule. It was his third School in three years and he felt like an outsider in the bustling hallways. He found his first class, history, and Joe says the bell rang and slipped into a seat, earning a […]

The Football Game

The Football Game His name is George Steinberg. He is 16 and a sophomore at Northern Highlands Regional High School. He plays on the junior varsity football team, and he is a quarterback on the football team. He loves to play football, it is his favorite thing to do and lucky for him he is […]

Marlene’s Treasure Hunt

Marlene’s Treasure Hunt “Land Ho!” Shouted a buccaneer as the Golden Angel came close to the island, Captain Marlene had always dreamed of since she was a child. She promised her ill father, that one day, she would discover all of the treasure on the island, her father talked so much about. But, locating this […]

The World’s Greatest Treasure

The World’s Greatest Treasure “It’s all your fault that we’re lost!” exclaimed the frustrated Lin to her brother. Sweat trickled all over her raging, irritated face as she scowled at her brother, Tom. It was all his and his stupid map’s fault that they were stuck in the middle of nowhere! Grass as long as […]

The Olascar

The Olascar Chapter 1 – Lily goes to find Olivia Lily on a sunny day was playing with her small sister Olivia. They were playing a game called Pound (The game was made by Olivia in which you put water in a bucket and watch a plastic duck floating). Suddenly Lily shouted, “My pancake!” (She […]

Rose and Rosa

Rose and Rosa This story is of a kind girl and a greedy girl. Once upon a time there lived a girl named Rose. She was kind and beautiful , but her sister Rosa was cruel and greedy. One day Rose helped an old woman & the woman said “You are kind & I will […]

Teamwork Across Time

Teamwork Across Time In Manhattan New York there lived a historian and single mother, Disha with her 10-year-old daughter Emily. Emily was home schooled by her tutor, Aaron. Aaron was six years older than Emily. Emily and Aaron shared and interest for Arithmetic. Emily was left brained, she was a lot more logical than artistic, […]

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