Teamwork Across Time

Teamwork Across Time In Manhattan New York there lived a historian and single mother, Disha with her 10-year-old daughter Emily. Emily was home schooled by her tutor, Aaron. Aaron was six years older than Emily. Emily and Aaron shared and interest for Arithmetic. Emily was left brained, she was a lot more logical than artistic, […]

Wonka – Movie Review

Wonka – Movie Review As we snuggle into our homes nearing the conclusion of the remarkable 2023, the holiday season is alive with the traditional festive cheer, household residents bursting with anticipation for the upcoming Christmas celebration. From the young awaiting the onset of Saint Nicholas in the dead of night to the old holding […]

The Patient Man

The Patient Man One day Emperor Akbar asked Birbal to find the most patient man in the City. So the next day Birbal took the most patient men he knew to a river that had a very strongcurrent because there was a storm. There Birbal told them that whoever would get across theriver fastest would […]

Children’s Day Poem

Children’s Day Poem On this children’s day India’s pride soars high Chacha Nehru’s vision was like the limitless sky A leader who cherished every child’s grin In a world where love and learning begin With roses and tributes we honor this day In the spirit of Chacha Nehru we dance and play Small hands carry […]


Feelings Once upon a time in the green jungle there were two best friends Mellie and Charlie, who were as different as night and day. Mellie who was an elephant was known for her gloomy demeanor whereas Charlie who was a cheetah was always funny and bubbling with happiness. One sunny morning, as Mellie trudged […]

The Bold Bear

The Bold Bear Once upon a time there was a bold bear but his tail was hairy, He was confused because his body was bold and his tail was very hairy, All his friends was mean to him. One morning a rich man walked past the bear, the bear thought the man wont see him […]

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