Author: Navya Kumar

Terror Attack On Mumbai

Terror Attack On Mumbai On a November nightWhen Mumbai was full of lightSouth Mumbai had an awful sightPeople running for their lives left and right When terrorist attacked MumbaiWas it right, you tell me whyEverywhere there was fightDead bodies everywhere was a horrible sight The night was full of terrorThe sight was of horrorThen our […]

Draco – The Friendly Dragon

Draco – The Friendly Dragon There was once a young dragon whose name was Draco. Unlike other dragons Draco was not mean and bad. He did not eat anyone but loved eating apples and bananas. But still the villagers feared him. He had no friends and so he was very lonely. One day he saw […]

The Mystery Of The Missing Water

The Mystery Of The Missing Water The summer vacation continued, it was time for Navya to visit her grand parents in their village. Their grandparents lived around 200km from the city where Navya lived. As soon as they reached the village, Navya could feel the heat all over the body. It was hot, very very […]

The Case Of The Missing Dog

The Case Of The Missing Dog It was a warm evening and Navya was busy solving sudoku puzzles. She was almost on the verge of completing the current one when the phone in the living room rang. “I am picking it up” she shouted to the others in the house and ran to pick the […]

The Mystery Of The Missing Glasses

The Mystery Of The Missing Glasses Navya loved reading mystery books like Nancy Drew and Famous Five. She used to tell everyone that she would become a great detective like Sherlock Holmes when she grew up. All during the summer vacation she read mystery books and solved puzzles. “Now where did I put my glasses”, […]

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