Author : Vandani

The Unfortunate Thought

The Unfortunate Thought A senseless thing that British thoughtFor which India Pakistan fought Together living brothers were separated offBy the action of a dwarf Differentiation started on basis of religionLead the two countries to division Diwali was celebrated and so as Eid altogetherRespect was given to each other Till happy India got British coverBritish started […]


Deluge Crossing the limits of the bloods,Enters the floods. Increases the torrents of river,What happened to god, our giver. Fighting water with the chord,What is happening mighty lord. Muddy water all around,Trapped on top whole compound. It is hard even for rescue to proceed,God what was our hapless deed. Have some mercy beloved father,Stop the […]

School Life

School Life Not being sharp as a knife,In your school life. Not being busy, not being stressed,Except the fear of test. Neither any tension of placement, nor of job,The main motive was to stay on top. The laughs, the jokes you crack,Remember they won’t ever come back. Best period is of class eight, seven and […]


Teacher Not less than mom or dad,Controls us when we go mad Works for us selflessly,Works for us endlessly Never thought about her own self,Always there ready for us to help We come to teacher to learn and grow,She welcomes warmly and the affection and love she show She always tries and never loses her […]

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