Author : Vandani

Summer Vacations

Summer Vacations Summer vacations, the most awaitedWhen your ingenuity is acquainted It is for what you wait whole yearsIt was what brings delights and cheers A month long amusement timeActivities and creativity shine Those enjoyable family tripsPack your bags, tighten there zips The indolence in the air-conditioned roomAnd when you step out, boom! Enjoy! These […]


ISRO You can never count on their successThey are leading in the maze of chessWhere every wise move performs excellenceAnd every better move is their preferenceAnd up gradations develop themBecause they have countries’ gemsThey are a leading agencyThough they spend on the things fancyYes, they managed a MARS mission in just 73 millionThought the ways […]

What Is Space

What Is Space I wondered while tying the shoe laceWhat is space?Where is its base?Are the meteors running any race? Did you ever wonder what is a star?Does it have any magnetic attracting power?Then I was told it’s gravityFor small celestial bodies, I felt pity Of this interrogation I was annoyedThat what is an asteroid?And […]

I Am Not Free

I Am Not Free Well, I’m not free I’m watching anime, I’m dizzy So, I’m not free Because sitting idly with devices made me busy Hence, I’m not free As scrolling reels is not easy Yes, I’m not free I’m watching how nectar is collected by the bee So I’m not free But physical activities […]

Sixty Four Squares

Sixty Four Squares Sixty four squares black and white,Two armies dark and light The kings and queens,Brilliant moves foreseen A square is a battlefield,A pawn is a trustable shield A decision making wise amusement,Popularly summed up in a tournament The check and checkmate,The characters at elevate The knights and rooks,Very engrossing books The diagonal walkers,The […]


Seasons Five climatic colors, sometimes breeze, hail or sun, Its character is such a fun. Welcoming winter begins the year, Shivering, Annuals are near. Sanguine spring next in March pleasant, With treats and presents. Went away the frosty weather, C’mon, plan to go somewhere either. There’s sunny season,Not planning holiday, what’s the reason? Spied correct, […]


Sunset It’s such a fun, To see the setting sun. And everyone will teach, To approach a beach, Loved by every and each. Think of contented life beside ocean, Greeting waves in the motion. Relishing the orange sky,White doves that fly. Comes soft breeze,Then the temperature decrease. After the exhausting office day,Relaxing at the bay. […]

Cherishing The Glory Of India

Cherishing The Glory Of India It’s the republic day of our motherland,When whole globe comprehends. That India is picture of unity, secularism and diversity,And on the way to rule the global community. India is growing in every field,Let be technology, sports or science shield. Let’s relive moments of pride,The awe inspiring events we ride. We […]

Guess Who

Guess Who Once upon a time in the city, It was a moment to present pity. Died the lady of the town, Who was owner of the crown. It was the queen who died, But no one caught the sight. Prayers in the whole city for the died queen, Assumed the killer so keen. Murder […]

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