Author : Rachelle L

Our Forest

Our Forest A forest stood tall and so grandHome to creatures so unique across the land But the humans with their machinesDestroyed it all, no second means The trees were gone, the ground was bareThe animals left without a lair The land was left with no defenseAgainst the change that made no sense The climate […]

Wonderful Books

Books, treasures in my hands,Stories waiting to be read. A journey waiting to embark,With each page, I’m led. From cover to cover, I explore,A world of magic and delight. In each book, I find more,A never-ending source of light. A world within a world,Filled with tales both bright and bold. From pages we can travel […]

New Year

New Year As the old year ends and a new one begins,We look back on the past with lessons to glean,We reflect on the good and the bad,And make resolutions that are sometimes sad. We resolve to be kinder, to love more,To let go of anger and open the door,To forgiveness and understanding,And to cherish […]

My Dad, My Hero

My Dad, My Hero My dad is my hero, like an angel from aboveComing to the rescue showing nothing but love When life takes a unexpected twistHe’s always around like a wizard’s mist He’s the one I will turn toWhen the world starts to feel so blue Lifting me up when I’m downHis lift off […]

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