Author : Daria Ahadi

Women’s Day

Women’s Day On Women’s Day let us celebrateThe strength and grace of every mateWho stands tall in the face of strifeAnd shapes their destiny with life From mothers to daughters, sisters and wivesThey bring love and light to our livesWith resilience and courage that never fadesThey navigate through life’s rocky shades The women of the […]

I Love Books

I Love Books Books are my friends,I love to read them all,They take me on adventures,And never let me fall. I can be anyone,Go anywhere I choose,With just the turn of a page,I can’t help but lose. Mystery, adventure,Sci-fi, or history,I’ll read them all with glee,For books are my true love, you see. So come, […]

Bake A Book

Bake A Book If I could bake a book I would and sprinkle it with imagination If I could bake a book I would and top it up with some punctuation! I’d whip out words that were light and a mystery plot I would choose And then blend the words to write Try to make […]

With You

With You Oh! What do I see in you my dear boy,I see mountains, rivers and a lifetime of joy.I see the sun shining on the brightest day,I see clouds of silver lining my way. I see vast ocean waters of blue,Colorful rainbows and morning dew.Trees of glory and leaves of green,I see sorrow and […]

I’m Glad To Be Me

I’m Glad To Be Me I look into the mirrorAnd what do I seeI see the meNo one else can be I am preciousI’m glad to be meMy hair, my faceMy personality My size, my shapeThe color of my skinAll make up meOutside and in I look into the mirrorAnd what do I seeI am […]

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