Cherishing The Glory Of India

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Cherishing The Glory Of India

It’s the republic day of our motherland,
When whole globe comprehends.

That India is picture of unity, secularism and diversity,
And on the way to rule the global community.

India is growing in every field,
Let be technology, sports or science shield.

Let’s relive moments of pride,
The awe inspiring events we ride.

We have “Neeraj Chopra”, the achiever of gold,
He’s diligent, courageous and bold.

Vikram Seth, the glorified author,
And Shanti Bhushan an excellent lawyer.

India gave birth to Praggnanandha, the grandmaster,
Who is brainy lad and a dream caster.

Our ISRO accomplished mission of Chandrayaan,
And we successfully launched Aditya L-1.

After centuries we reversed the history,
Though some remarks were derogatory.

But Ram Mandir is an adorable achievement,
When whole nation was in wave of contentment.

We made history in sports, science and literature,
And we still have to achieve greater.

India is developing,
India is ruling.

And that day isn’t far,
When it will be a superpower.

By Vandani

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Cherishing The Glory Of India

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