Guess Who

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Guess Who

Once upon a time in the city,
It was a moment to present pity.

Died the lady of the town,
Who was owner of the crown.

It was the queen who died,
But no one caught the sight.

Prayers in the whole city for the died queen,
Assumed the killer so keen.

Murder expected on the terrace,
Not sure if it is the case.

Many detectives running race,
To achieve king’s eye’s place.

Works were on,
But smartest one’s doubt was gone.

He knew it was one servant,
Who wasn’t benevolent.

The first servant came and said,
“being  ill, I was in bed”.

Second said,
“ I’m sad, as beauty is gone. I wasn’t here, I was taking loan”.

The nervous third came,
He gave the reply same.

Three of them were doubted,
But we didn’t get the proof effective.

Could you please awake the detective,
The detective inside you.

And if you can guess who?

By Vandani

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Guess Who

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