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Five climatic colors, sometimes breeze, hail or sun,
Its character is such a fun.

Welcoming winter begins the year,
Shivering, Annuals are near.

Sanguine spring next in March pleasant,
With treats and presents.

Went away the frosty weather,
C’mon, plan to go somewhere either.

There’s sunny season,
Not planning holiday, what’s the reason?

Spied correct, it’s summer,
Really hard for a slammer.

Disappearing the scorching sun,
We really require amusement and fun.

For that, there’s refreshing rain,
Enjoy it through train.

Next affectionate autumn,
The scenic beauty is just awesome.

These five shades of spans,
But some conceptions withstand.

These beauties are getting affected by global warming,
That’s why campaigns are timely informing “Save Earth, Save Future”

By Vandani

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