Summer Vacations

Summer Vacations - Poem - Little Authors

Summer Vacations

Summer vacations, the most awaited
When your ingenuity is acquainted

It is for what you wait whole years
It was what brings delights and cheers

A month long amusement time
Activities and creativity shine

Those enjoyable family trips
Pack your bags, tighten there zips

The indolence in the air-conditioned room
And when you step out, boom!

Enjoy! These summer breaks
Near a pond filled with drakes

It is when you spot your creativity
And you ascertain your capacity

Summer vacations are really vital for childhood
When they know what they can and what they could

But now they’re referred exhausting
As the heat wave is actually toasting, And their talent is not bursting

And for that are summer camps
From beginner to a champ

But these electronic gadgets are turning the globe
And bringing back there innovative mind we hope

So the imagination gets a rebirth
And we get the newly crafted earth

By Vandani

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Summer Vacations

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