Sixty Four Squares

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Sixty Four Squares

Sixty four squares black and white,
Two armies dark and light

The kings and queens,
Brilliant moves foreseen

A square is a battlefield,
A pawn is a trustable shield

A decision making wise amusement,
Popularly summed up in a tournament

The check and checkmate,
The characters at elevate

The knights and rooks,
Very engrossing books

The diagonal walkers,
The bishops horror

Diligence it examines,
Cleverness grins

The tactics and traps,
Triumphs and vulnerable scraps

Yes, a fictional fight,
These sixty four squares dark and light

A brawly sport,
Though without sword

What a fantasy it is!
Well, sixty four squares are these,

Sixty four squares black and white,
Thirty two dense, thirty two bright

Two armies dark and light,
Enjoyable is getting it’s sight.

By Vandani

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Sixty Four Squares

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