The Unfortunate Thought

The Unfortunate Thought - Little Authors

The Unfortunate Thought

A senseless thing that British thought
For which India Pakistan fought

Together living brothers were separated off
By the action of a dwarf

Differentiation started on basis of religion
Lead the two countries to division

Diwali was celebrated and so as Eid altogether
Respect was given to each other

Till happy India got British cover
British started their torture

Ruling British appointed anti-India rapporteur
Then came the wall of separation

Divided the education, population at the situation
Time had selfish generation which had no preparation and imagination about our motherland’s reputation

Then came the time of motivation
To save India we need 100% dedication

Then rose up the power of Bhagat Singh
His fear was reached to the king

Who can forget Mahatma Gandhi, Azad or the Iron Man
Lead the clan to be his fan

And the million number of national lovers
And those were the very achievers

Conquer was the unfortunate thought that came in British’s mind
Which lead them to go after India blind

That’s why we always remind
“Unity is Strength”

By Vandani

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The Unfortunate Thought

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