What Is Space

What Is Space - Poem - Little Authors

What Is Space

I wondered while tying the shoe lace
What is space?
Where is its base?
Are the meteors running any race?

Did you ever wonder what is a star?
Does it have any magnetic attracting power?
Then I was told it’s gravity
For small celestial bodies, I felt pity

Of this interrogation I was annoyed
That what is an asteroid?
And these exo-planets, nebulas and nova stars
For what we’re crafting these supersonic space cars

Did you ever think of UFO?
It is never officially suspected though
But many believe aliens exist
And their advance technology, humankind can’t resist

Was it observed that how did solar system form?
And did life here begin with just a little worm?
The big bang and black holes
And these mankind goals

Do you know, space is center of curiosity?
For it, less is light’s velocity
Again I ask ‘what is space’?
Is there a well explained answer at your place?

By Vandani

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What Is Space

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