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Crossing the limits of the bloods,
Enters the floods.

Increases the torrents of river,
What happened to god, our giver.

Fighting water with the chord,
What is happening mighty lord.

Muddy water all around,
Trapped on top whole compound.

It is hard even for rescue to proceed,
God what was our hapless deed.

Have some mercy beloved father,
Stop the rain almighty either.

Everywhere are heard screams of help,
Everything destroyed whether old or newly develop.

Helpless humans, dying animals and crying tots,
Falling trees, water filled fields and plots.

Destruction occurred lots and lots,
Can’t one go around without boats.

One can never forget this incident,
Occurs due to human accident.

It’s understandable the poor’s pain,
In front of the unstoppable rain.

Request of mercy all around the city,
Forgive us god have some pity.

If humans play with nature ,she replies back,
For revenge our mother changes track.

Leads to destruction huge,
It’s deluge.

By Vandani

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