A Mum’s Child

A Mum's Child - Poem - Little Authors

A Mum’s Child

She smiles,
To see hers, a mum’s child,
A child grew in warmth of love,
A child blessed from heavens above.

To be mum’s young one,
To be her smirking sun
He got more than what he deserved,
In her affection, place he reserved.

Child grows in her essence of purity,
She desires his prosperity,
In her lap lives all the satisfaction,
In triumph, emotional is her reaction.

Fantasize the comfort in the cradle,
In her sweetness, words jingle,
A mum’s child is held in mellow embrace,
Perfect is the building with such a base.

Her hard work we cherish,
Her happiness we wish,
Luckiest is the mum’s young one,
When fate crafted the best bond ever done.

Truth is the quotation,” Mother clones the almighty”,
Her sayings never take lightly,
She is the fairy of heavens,
On the Earth,
It’s the mum’s child,
Whom she gave birth.

By Vandani

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A Mum’s Child

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