Tricolour The tricolour flies,in the airfrom the last breathe of every soldiersfor my India who cared. The tricolour wavedwhen we got independencefrom the British& are independent. The tricolour flieswhen a soldier dosen’t diebut becomes eternalforever in life. By Samriddha Biswas Visit our Facebook Page : Little Authors | Facebook

The Unfortunate Thought

The Unfortunate Thought A senseless thing that British thoughtFor which India Pakistan fought Together living brothers were separated offBy the action of a dwarf Differentiation started on basis of religionLead the two countries to division Diwali was celebrated and so as Eid altogetherRespect was given to each other Till happy India got British coverBritish started […]

India Of My Dreams

India Of My Dreams Every Indians have dreams to make their country big and democratically successful. A country where there is equality in all areas, and for all genders, so that it can witness progress. Like others, even I have a dream for my India and the way it should be, so that I and […]

Martyr Day

Martyr Day On this Martyr Day, we honor and pay tributeTo those who gave their lives in service to our nation. Their bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten,As they gave their all to protect and defend. They fought for freedom and justice,For peace and security in our land. Their names are etched in stone,A […]

Terror Attack On Mumbai

Terror Attack On Mumbai On a November nightWhen Mumbai was full of lightSouth Mumbai had an awful sightPeople running for their lives left and right When terrorist attacked MumbaiWas it right, you tell me whyEverywhere there was fightDead bodies everywhere was a horrible sight The night was full of terrorThe sight was of horrorThen our […]

My Country India

My Country India I am born in India The seventh largest country in total area India is the land of great kings Stories of their braveness fly with wings India is the land of sages Known for the knowledge for ages Ram, Nanak, Buddha-The land of many GodsThe land of Unity, Peace, Love and bonds […]

India – My Homeland

India – My Homeland From Kashmir to Kerala,From Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh,Covers the diverse states of India,Where diversity is always in unity! From the tall standing Himalayas to the low-lying planes,From the gushing rivers to the barren desert,From the high-land plateaus to the tiny islands,Are the unbelievable landforms of India, Where everyone will love it […]

Independence Day

Independence Day On 15th August we celebrate Independence Day The day of glory for India! The day we salute our freedom fighters For their bravery and their courage, For their daringness that helped them fight The British to give us freedom The day we first hoisted our flag, Our flag of glory and fame, Which […]

Let’s Remember

Let’s Remember I see the ocean and the skyAnd the rays of the sun go by I see the land of sagesAnd people with bravery for ages I see people staying in unisonAcross rivers, streets and high mountains I see the years we spent in peaceAnd everything we get at ease Lets not forget those […]

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