What Tiranga Means To Me

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What Tiranga Means To Me

Tiranga is the pride and glory of my country. The vibrant colours contained in our flag touch the soft corner of every Indian’s heart. The peace, purity, courage, honesty, faith and prosperity that it encompasses represent the citizens of India and signifies unity in diversity.

Love to one’s country should be part of our faith. Therefore, citizens are required to live with this noble philosophy, remain loyal to their country and abide by the law of the land. The Tiranga reminds me the duty to profess my love to the country and make me obliged to strain unceasingly for the better future of my nation. We should desire to excel and always endeavour to sacrifice for our magnificent country. We must feel pain when our nation suffers and share the grief and pain of our fellow citizens.

By Attiya Tul Hayee

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What Tiranga Means To Me

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