India Of My Dreams

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India Of My Dreams

Every Indians have dreams to make their country big and democratically successful. A country where there is equality in all areas, and for all genders, so that it can witness progress. Like others, even I have a dream for my India and the way it should be, so that I and the coming generation will be proud to live here. People in such countries also progress well in all senses.

The India of my dreams would be a country that is entirely self-sufficient in all aspects. I want India to be technologically and agriculturally advanced as well as scientifically better. Every barren land in the country, which has not witnessed crops in ages, would be cultivated for achieving food grains. I am proud of my country, where agriculture is the backbone and pushes the GDP ahead.

I am proud that I live in a country with such rich soil containing suitable minerals that help in agriculture and promote farming. Different states of India have different varieties of soil, such as Maharashtra has black soil that is suitable for growing cotton, West Bengal has soil that is suitable for rice cultivation, and so on. One of the best things that happened in the country was the Green Revolution. Dr. MS Swaminathan who is also India of my dreams known as father of Green Revolution started it. It offered intensive agricultural programs for farmers.

My biggest dream is to see women’s empowerment in all areas. I am happy to see that nowadays women are becoming self-dependent and can manage family responsibilities alongside their jobs. However, many things need to work for women’s empowerment, such as stopping female feticide, promoting safety and equality to them, etc. In rural areas of India, there are still many cases of women feticide and physical attack, endangering a woman’s life.

The patriarchy is still in existence in many places in India, that needs to be taken into consideration. Several jobs are still not open for women. For things to change in a better way, along with the government and other citizens, women as a community should also normalise certain things to change the mindset of the people and the society. For instance, generally, everywhere, the public transport person are men. There are nearly no women who accept such jobs. Instead, they choose to be a housewife, which should not be the ideal situation. Society should normalise things for women that men have done over the years.

Thankfully, the Indian government, along with NGOs and social groups, are working towards the safety and empowerment of women in India. Various types of reservations are also provided in education or jobs to uplift women and encourage better participation. I want women in my country to be free from social stigma and live independent lives.

The rich are becoming richer, and the poor are becoming poorer. The middle class has been standing in the same situation ever since. This should not be the ideal situation for India. The more this gap will be, the more our country and people will suffer. India of my dreams should be a place where poor people get empowerment, face no poverty, do not starve, and get the proper roof to live.

Poor kids should get an education, so they are confident to face the world and live a successful life. There should be no gap between the rich and the poor. The national income should be distributed equally among different sections of society. In my opinion, socialism is the only remedy that can help to overcome this problem.

The India of my dream should be where every individual should get employment opportunities. People must have a good job that offers decent pay, which will help in fulfilling their dreams. Unfortunately, many young people with great talent are unable to find the right job due to corruption, quota, and reference.

Reservation has been the major hindrance in the path of growth of deserving candidates. Many of the young experts end up shifting abroad for job opportunities, helping the growth of the GDP of the respective country. India of My dream is a place where the deserving candidate must get a job. India will be a country where young experts get a proper job and will certainly witness profitable growth of GDP.

I dream of India, which has good infrastructure and sanitation. There are many villages, which have poor sanitation and infrastructure. The Government of India needs to work on these, so people get what they deserve. Adequate sanitation is very important; it helps people in the village, especially women, to avoid going to open places and face health issues.

The Indian defence forces should be equipped with technologically advanced weapons. All the three military units the navy, the air force, and the army should be given extra attention by the government of India as the defence force of any nation is the most significant part of any country. The soldiers should be well-trained and have enough facilities, especially those serving at the borders.

Right from independence until now, caste discrimination has been the major hurdle in the growth of Indian society. In many villages of our country, some people still face caste discrimination issues. It is certainly shameful to see how people are denying their rights due to the caste issue. Thankfully, certain social groups work hard to bring down caste discrimination and give equal opportunities to people.

Reservation is also the major factor in promoting caste discrimination. The deserving candidate, be it of any caste, has to suffer more, and the non-deserving ones, be it of any caste, get admission easily into prestigious colleges of India. Students shift abroad for their higher studies or their jobs. They think that the education system of India is not up to the mark and the employment industry is also not very welcoming to keep the students in their company. Hence, India is facing major brain drain issues.

I want India to be corruption free, which will help in the growth of the nation. One of the reasons the country, even after all these years, is not able to develop is because of the corruption practised by people. No matter how big or small the work is, you need to give the money to get it done. Corruption has become common nowadays. However, there are government policies that strike hard on such people who look for a bribe to perform the task. I dream of a country where people perform a task without taking any bribes.

India of my dream should be an ideal country, which I can be proud of and live with confidence. I want the coming generation to have a better life and get everything they deserve for living in this country. I want my country to be politically sound and unbiased, the democracy of my country to be the strongest and successful. Corruption should be eliminated from every aspect of our lives. Health facilities is a major catastrophe even for the poor as well as the middle class. The process of awarding compensation of a few thousand to the injured after some years by a court is no remedy, for the ailing poor. On the other hands, if he goes to a private hospital, he has to shell out a heavy amount of money. It further throws strain on the already uncompensated family. The private hospitals are not to be blamed. Worldwide, Medicare is becoming costly every day and even the most developed countries have started feeling the pinch
of it. It is true that quality Medicare is expensive in India too. If you want something good, you must pay a price.

The government should pay for those below the poverty line. And the middle class and the rich should pay on their own to avail medical facilities. Public health programmes should be entrusted to private hospitals under the supervision of the government. Doctors will have more work to do for better remuneration. They will be inclined to spread out to rural areas. Patients will get the best possible care. Insurance companies dealing in the medical field should be monitored by the government agencies and special courts should be set up to deal with disputes between doctors and the insurance companies.

Taxes should be practically and judicially imposed, the difference between rich and poor should be eliminated, and there should not be any kind of inequalities. This dream nation should be the dream of every citizen living here, and then only the desired result will be seen. Every citizen should work and act accordingly so that our future generation will be proud of the nation they are born in, and the other countries of the world will take inspiration from India. Many well-known leaders such as Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Dr. MS Swaminathan etc have worked hard to bring our country here. Now we should walk on their footsteps.

By Adrita Bhattacharya

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India Of My Dreams

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