Author : Karthik Kumar

The Game of Chess

The Game of Chess As I sit and contemplateThe board before me, so stately and greatI see the pieces, all lined up in rowsEach one with its own unique pose The pawns, the smallest of them allStand ready to take their first steps and fallThe knights, with their mighty steedsGallop across the board with great […]

The Kidnapping Of Cinderella

The Kidnapping Of Cinderella In the magical kingdom of Fairy Land was Cinderella living with her Prince. One day while she was strolling in the palace gardens, some minions kidnapped Cinderella, leaving a note that said: “Give us 100 crores If you want to see Cinderella again. Signed: The Evil Witch” When the prince returned […]

The Wise Old Man

The Wise Old Man In a far away land lived a old wise man. He had many students learning with him. One day a student came to him and asked “Sir, how many friends should one person have?” The old man replied “You know the answer yourself.” The student shook his head, so the old […]

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