Author: Siddhant Bhagwat

My Country India

My Country India I am born in India The seventh largest country in total area India is the land of great kings Stories of their braveness fly with wings India is the land of sages Known for the knowledge for ages Ram, Nanak, Buddha-The land of many GodsThe land of Unity, Peace, Love and bonds […]

Oh My Tricolour

Oh My Tricolour Oh my Tricolour, Oh my Tricolour! Fly high, fly high, you always fly high I salute you, I bow to you May your message reach the sky. Saffron stands for Sacrifice Strength and courage it signifies I salute you, I bow to you Fly high, fly high, you always fly high White […]

Friendship Without Borders

Friendship Without Borders Our little author Siddhant believes in a world of peace. He imagines the entire world can be peaceful if all countries are friends and there is no war between them.  By Siddhant Bhagwat Visit our Facebook Page : Little Authors | Facebook

My True Friends

My True Friends When you ask me who is my friend?I think to myself whom should I name? The one who comes to light my day Sun is my friend, Sun is my friendThe one who rise to light my darkMoon is my friend, Moon is my friend Those tiny sparkling diamondsWhich show me the […]

The Mighty Himalaya

The Mighty Himalaya I am tall, stronger than a wall And I am the pride of India I am covered with pure white snow And you call me Himalaya I am known for Mount Kailash Where lord Shiva resides I am known for Mount Everest The peak that is world’s highest Ganga, Yamuna, Sindhu, Brahmaputra […]

The Strange Red Land

The Strange Red Land Vroom………… My spacecraft crashed and collapsed I fell down on the strange land The land was red and rusty red everywhere There was no trace of a man anywhere I was shivering due to freezing cold The land was rocky and there was no road The wind was cold, dry and strong […]

School Starts Again

School Starts Again Bye grandpa, bye grandma, bye everyone  It is time for me to return as my summer holidays are done Playing, jumping, swimming, eating I miss all the fun I must go back because my school starts again  Missing my family and friends is really tough  I tell my teachers that summer break […]

My Wonderful Mother

My Wonderful Mother Up in the heaven God created a wonderful mother And he gifted her to me Her eyes are full of twinkling stars Her words are like sweet chocolate bars Her smile is like a sunshine Every kid should have a mother like mine Her heart is of pure gold I wish and […]

My Best Friend Nick

My Best Friend Nick I have a best friend whose name is Nick He is a healthy Turtle and never falls sick We both always play cricket for fun Nick is so lazy that he never scores a run Nick has his own house strong like a rock He always carries it on his back […]

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