Author : Siddhant Bhagwat


Moon Oh Moon!You are the silver plate up highYou light up the midnight skyI want to hold you in my palmYou give the world an endless calm! Why do you change your face day by day?Why your face fades away?To the Earth you are always a friend,Your bright light always shines in my mind You […]

Divine Rivers

Divine Rivers Up North, there flows GangaShe is the mother of all riversShe is the symbol of beauty and purityShe is the symbol of divinity and eternityOh Ganga! May your water forever flow!May your banks forever be blessed! To the East, there flows BramhaputraIts journey is both fierce and calmIts water is both wide and […]


Gulmohar You are so big, you are so bushy Your flowers are bright red and orange They are soft, gentle and fluffy They shine and burn like flame of fire You paint the sky red; You paint the park red You paint the street red You bring cheer for the Summer I wish to see […]

Hello Summer

Hello Summer Hello Summer, Hello Summer!You are my favorite season of the year Hello Summer, Hello Summer!Our exams are over; let us all cheer Hello Summer, Hello Summer!Days are longer, Nights are shorter Hello Summer, Hello Summer!Sun is brighter, weather is hotter Hello Summer, Hello Summer!Sky is clear, Stars shine brighter Hello Summer, Hello Summer!Season […]

My Country India

My Country India I am born in India The seventh largest country in total area India is the land of great kings Stories of their braveness fly with wings India is the land of sages Known for the knowledge for ages Ram, Nanak, Buddha-The land of many GodsThe land of Unity, Peace, Love and bonds […]

Oh My Tricolour

Oh My Tricolour Oh my Tricolour, Oh my Tricolour! Fly high, fly high, you always fly high I salute you, I bow to you May your message reach the sky. Saffron stands for Sacrifice Strength and courage it signifies I salute you, I bow to you Fly high, fly high, you always fly high White […]

My True Friends

My True Friends When you ask me who is my friend?I think to myself whom should I name? The one who comes to light my day Sun is my friend, Sun is my friendThe one who rise to light my darkMoon is my friend, Moon is my friend Those tiny sparkling diamondsWhich show me the […]

The Mighty Himalaya

The Mighty Himalaya I am tall, stronger than a wall And I am the pride of India I am covered with pure white snow And you call me Himalaya I am known for Mount Kailash Where lord Shiva resides I am known for Mount Everest The peak that is world’s highest Ganga, Yamuna, Sindhu, Brahmaputra […]

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