The 3 Important Elements Of A Short Story

The 3 Important Elements Of A Short Story - Little Authors - Ankita Patil

The 3 Important Elements Of A Short Story

Hello, Little Authors, let us start with our new creative blog post about story writing! You must have often heard the words – idea, plot, and premise. But these words are used interchangeably. Well, it is crucial to understand the difference between these three elements of storytelling. So, in this blog, let us try to understand.

You require a seed to plant a tree, right? Similarly, to build a story, you need an idea. Idea doesn’t have to be specific; it could be as abstract as – I have an idea to write a story on my pet cat. Ideas can be captured from imagination, but you can always seek inspiration from sources such as books, movies, real-life incidents, etc. It is the foundation of your story, so preserve it well.

After an idea has been generated, you create a premise, which is the central concept of the story. You will be more specific about the story you have in mind. Maybe, you present the core focus or the conflict that takes place.

The plot defines the shape of the story. It refers to the sequence of events that occur in a story. The picture is clear, and you have the roadmap ready. It is better if you jot these points in your notebook for record purpose.

So, do you have an idea for the story? We hope you can build a solid plot around it. We wish you all the best in creating an extraordinary world through the art of storytelling!

Ankita Patil

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The 3 Important Elements Of A Short Story

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