Water Knows Everything

Water Knows Everything Passes hundreds of days and nights,as I see the cries & fights.A story of each day,someone or the other going away.My each drop of emotional tear,forming each mighty glacier.They melt to flow as river,being eternal & immortal forever.Water remembers everything,be that the history or a wars starting.How a flake of fire turns […]

Ode To A Sapling

Ode To A Sapling Arise, green angel, awake from thy slumber,Open thy eyes to world, for here comes the hour. On thy bed his elixir sky does showerTo soften the hold of Earth’s loving sheath,Wake up, green angel, out of underneathCleave and split yer way, let riven thy binds. Come up, in Earth’s air flutter […]

The Bold Bear

The Bold Bear Once upon a time there was a bold bear but his tail was hairy, He was confused because his body was bold and his tail was very hairy, All his friends was mean to him. One morning a rich man walked past the bear, the bear thought the man wont see him […]

Our Paradise

Our Paradise Once a peaceful magnificent paradise,Now a land we destroyed.Can we not give up our ignorance, a small sacrifice. The night that was freckled with white,Now only a canvas black,Stars overshadowed by a dark curtain of smoke, but they still fight. Disaster and calamities have spread across,Mountains fall, water floods the plains,Creating havoc wherever […]

The Anthropocene Epoch

The Anthropocene Epoch The Anthropocene epoch is a term used to describe the current geological era, in which human activity has become the dominant force shaping the earth’s environment and ecosystems. This term recognizes the significant impact that humans have had on the planet, from the burning of fossil fuels to the destruction of natural […]

The Mud Game

The Mud Game The children ram awayin the wet mudto playwhatever they wanted. They preferred playing footballhow amazing the experience wasto kick the muddy ball& goal. Seeing the children playin the pouring raintheir dogs also couldn’t resist themselves& came out to join the game. The children threw all their umbrellas farthinking they won’t need it […]


Clouds Clouds go up highwhere birds touch the sky& say the fluffy stuff is mybut not when they start to cry. White & greypink & redyellow& orangecolours that vary in ranges. Filled with rainbow colourswhose water creates the flowersAs a tuft of cotton be likefluffy clouds are like. By Samriddha Biswas Visit our Facebook Page […]

Colours Of Beauty

Colours Of Beauty Keep the book aside,know yourself world wide.Don’t tuck your heads in book all daywithout play, never starts a day. Know to imagine the mystery world,& off in a fairy land with flaxen curls.Among the devil’s, red in angerRun away ’cause there’s lots of danger. Play amongst the colours of the beautyyou’re the […]

Artistic Painting

Artistic Painting When the birds paint the sky,when the clouds float high& are dyed with the hue of white. A soothing time spentalong with themwish I could fly away. I suppose the sky plays a tune,In its outfit of blueCan’t believe whether it’s true. As the chirpings goes onpeace is all alonghow can anything go […]

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