Winter Is Gone

Winter Is Gone The cold has finally taken a hikeAnd sunny days we’re happy to like It’s time to rejoiceWith a warm sunny voice The sky is a wonderful blueAnd the grass is green too The birds around are chirpingFlying high with their spread wings So let’s soak up the warm sunshine raysAnd enjoy these […]

The Sky Above

The Sky Above The sky above shines like gold,A canvas painted with colors bold, Pink, orange, green and blue,All with a blend so true, Up above is quite a sight,It’s beauty fills day and nigh, With clouds that do the swirl,And all the colors that twirl, It is a beautiful sight to behold,Our nature’s masterpiece […]

The Eagle and The Ant

The Eagle and The Ant Once upon a time, in a vast and beautiful forest, there lived a majestic eagle named Sofiya. She had the most magnificent golden feathers and a keen eye that could spot her prey from miles away. One day, while she was soaring high above the forest, she spotted a tiny […]

The Storm

The Storm Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a young girl named Lily. She loved to play outside and watch the clouds go by. One day, as she was playing, she noticed that the sky was getting dark, and the winds were starting to pick up. Suddenly, a loud thunder clap […]

Origin Story – The Rainbow

Origin Story – The Rainbow Here is a story about how the rainbow was created. According to the myth, there was a messenger named Iris who worked for the gods. Iris was known for her great speed, and she was able to travel from one end of the world to the other in the blink […]

My Little Friend

My Little Friend From a tiny seed you startedSo little and so guarded Slowly, you start to growComing up from below Those little leaves that you start to spreadMark an amazing journey ahead Grow high and strong my little friendHow gleeful it makes me when you ascend Gracefully you grow flowers on your stemWhen they […]

Apples Everywhere

Apples Everywhere Rehaan was wandering through the trees. The air smelled of apples all around him. The weather was a bit chilly and he could see the snow peaked mountains far away. The apples were growing bigger by the day. He liked to walk through the groves, and loved the smell of the apples, but […]

Rainy Day With Family

Rainy Day With Family We all love rainy season, but the enjoyment we have in childhood during Monsoon can’t be forgettable. Here is an art by our Little Author Tamid on rains with his family.

Cleaning The Park

Cleaning The Park Rohan asked his mom if he could ride his bike to the park. “As long as you wear your helmet when you are riding,” she said. When Rohan got to the park it was filled with peopleholding garbage bags. A lot of his friends were there and so were some of his […]

The Autumn Poem

The Autumn Poem In November’s golden light,I see a beauty unsurpassed,A truly lovely sight,The world around looks contrast. Leaves are saying bye bye,As they come floating down,Lying in the carpet to die,Of yellow, red, and brown. Mountain tops, now turned to white,Forewarn of winter chills,While trees, like golden rivers,Wind their way up through the hills. […]

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