Superhero Sun To The Rescue

Superhero Sun to the Rescue - Poem - Little Authors

Superhero Sun To The Rescue

The yellow circle is the sun,
He bakes very lovely buns,
The sun’s enemy is rain,
Because it’s so hard to contain,
Everyday the sun let’s us play,
We don’t even need a slay,

He has such mighty powers,
Like pretending to grow a flower,
He loves us people and earth,
Because we’re the people giving birth,
He’s great friends with the sand,
He gives light to a lot of land,

The sun is so hot,
Look over there it’s a flower in a pot,
He gives us time to finish our icy poles,
You can’t see him in a hole,

The sun is so fun,
Now talking about the sun is done.

By Akrisha Thakadickal

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Superhero Sun To The Rescue

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