Author : Maroosha Agha

Nature’s Light

Nature’s Light In the park,As I walked,Lush green trees,Hives full of bees.Vibrant flowers,They give me power.It strengthens me,When I run free.I see nature,Made by our creator.This dazzling sight,Looks lovely at night.The itty-bitty creatures,Measured in millimetersCrawl and fly,In the night-time sky.“Chirp Chirp”The birds sing,In beautiful springAll of this is nature’s work,Where people get inspired. By Maroosha […]

Marlene’s Treasure Hunt

Marlene’s Treasure Hunt “Land Ho!” Shouted a buccaneer as the Golden Angel came close to the island, Captain Marlene had always dreamed of since she was a child. She promised her ill father, that one day, she would discover all of the treasure on the island, her father talked so much about. But, locating this […]

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