Saving Paws: My Summer Dog Rescue Story

Saving Paws: My Summer Dog Rescue Story - Little Authors

Saving Paws: My Summer Dog Rescue Story

Going to cafe on Saturday morning is my family ritual, as my parents take me to the tennis training. We often stop at the Roastery café. which is not only my favourite by my parents love its strong coffee. Another reason why I liked visiting that café, apart from eating their yummy chicken burger was to meet Biscuit and Sandy.

Now you must be wondering who are Biscuit and Sandy?

They are two adorable street dogs outside the café, whom we feed every time we visit. Biscuit, as the name says is a male dog. His most cutest act is to come running towards us the minute he sees our car approaching. Sandy, is a female dog. Although Biscuit dominated her and snatched her share of the food we gave but, Sandy also had an attitude to walk away from him. So, we offered her share of the food at a distance.

One Saturday morning, while we were going for our regular coffee pickup, we saw that only Biscuit came to eat the biscuits but, Sandy was nowhere visible. Then we asked the security guard sitting outside the cafe, who often saw us feeding both Biscuit and Sandy, he pointed his finger far away and said that Sandy is sitting there.

When we reached there, we saw that her left eye was badly hurt and was red in colour. She also refused to eat the food we gave. Then we asked the guard what happened, he said that last night two drunk drivers were rashly driving their car and their car’s bumper hit Sandy on her left eye.

I was very upset to hear about this and angry at the same time that how careless people are. So, I prayed to the GOD that they should get wisdom to drive their car properly and in case they happen to hurt someone they should take care of that living being. Then I suddenly got an idea for calling the people for the ethical treatment of animals[PETA] so that timely help can prevent spreading infection in her eye.

I got very emotional and patted on her head and said to her that everything is going to be alright. We are already late for the tennis class, so we thought of calling PETA on the way. When my mom called PETA, they asked for the video of the hurt dog. And we realised that we were so emotional that we did not take her picture. So we decided to call the café and request their staff to make a small video of her eye and share it with us.

Subo uncle, who works at the café and often serve us with a smile on his face immediately agreed to send us the video, which we could timely send to PETA. We kept calling to get an update and after a few hours my mom got a call from PETA that they found her and took Sandy in an ambulance.

We were very happy and felt that the GOD had listened to the wish of my heart. Next week we went to check on Sandy and carried some food for her. Though we could not save her eye but, the timely treatment given by the PETA team prevented her eye from spreading infection.

She was jumping in happiness to see us and also ate the food we gave to Biscuit and Sandy. My father has lot of knowledge about the dogs and he told me that when dogs jump like that is a sign of their happiness.

The advice from me to all my readers is to always be kind and humble to all the living beings.

Special Thanks to Subo uncle, who works at Roastery Café and team PETA for promptly giving medical help.

By Abhiraj Prasad

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Saving Paws: My Summer Dog Rescue Story

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