Author : Mohammed Uzair

Why Time Is Important

Why Time Is Important Why time is a very significant factorTime plays the most important role in life. It is the most wonderful and practical thing. It has no beginning and no end. It has not faced any destruction or growth. You cannot have command on time, nor can you analyze and criticize it. Time […]

Race To The Moon

Race To The Moon Once upon a time there was a rivalry,To win a race that would be mankind’s infinity.It was a fight between U.S and U.S.S.R so fiery.Only the bravest astronauts would take part in this attempt so scary! I’ll tell you it’s not a war on ground,It’s a war in space so very […]


Dreams What happens in your dreams at the darkest point of night?There sure will be fairies but will there be knights?It might be dreams happy and bright,But some people have nightmares to fight. Dreams might be showcasing your desire,But do dreams show you claiming what you desire?Will dreams truly show the things you acquire?I have […]

Mysterious Nights

Mysterious Nights In the darkness of night, unknown to human sight,Predators take down there prey within the speed of light.And snakes slither out to show their supremacy and might,And bats and birds for hunted food they fight! In the night very creepy, mothers being very sneaky,Crawls out into the minds of the sleepy,To act as […]


Oman O’man what an experience, in the markets of Mutrah Souq,To the tunnel and shops of adversity,And stores and the products of variety,That market was filled with complexity. O’man what an experience, in the malls of Oman,From the humungous Oman mall,And the top star Avenues mall and its sidekick the LuLu mall,Those malls were amazing. […]

The Witch

The Witch Long ago there was a village which was near to the forest. The forest was considered to be a very haunted and spooky one. There was a long tale which went down from generation to generation that there was some kind of magical substance which lived in the forest. However, a few villagers […]

New Year

New Year New Beginnings on the new year,A new and golden opportunity one ever had,To start something afresh and new,And to forget the bad and the sad memories! New Resolutions on the new year,Your new choices and picks to help you change,To do something which you forgot in the previous year,And to be an improvised […]

All But Blue

All But Blue All but blue in the gushing sea,As the waves and tides surge free,Flowing sometimes steady and then rapidly,The water sparks and glitters brightly! All but blue up in sky,In the blue backdrop the birds soar high.The sun shines as the clouds get overshadowed,In the sapphire sky! All but blue the animals through,The […]

Children’s Day

Children’s Day Children, the future of our nation,Carry the dreams of future with passion.Children are the happiness of today,And the hope of tomorrow! Children have tomorrow’s authority,And education is their main priority,For they are India’s majority,And they are the ones of tomorrow’s prosperity! Children are a parent’s greatest wealth,And they are the reason to make […]

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