Author : Akrisha Thakadickal

Amazing Sea Life

Amazing Sea Life I can seeDolphins diving in the sea,Boats and Jet Skies are what I see,Colourful fish swimming around,No oneś feet can the ground, I can feelThe green seaweed in my feet,Seagulls trying to cheat,Little fish nibbling my hand,My hands and knees are in the sand, By Akrisha Thakadickal Visit our Facebook Page : Little […]

Rain Saves The Day

Rain Saves The Day The lovely drops that’s falling is the rain, She has much mighty veins, She makes us cool and wet, Everybody loves her layout set, She is enemies with the Sun, But we all know rain is much more fun, She gives us a free cool shower,When she is angry she has […]

Superhero Sun To The Rescue

Superhero Sun To The Rescue The yellow circle is the sun, He bakes very lovely buns, The sun’s enemy is rain, Because it’s so hard to contain, Everyday the sun let’s us play, We don’t even need a slay, He has such mighty powers,Like pretending to grow a flower,He loves us people and earth,Because we’re […]

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