The Magic Of Spring

Magic of Spring - Poem - Little Authors

The Magic Of Spring

The long, cold winter has started to melt away,
I heard the unchained melody of spring today.
Through the mist of the chill the sun is peeking,
The birds are up and about and the squirrels are acorn-seeking.

The tulips are now budding and the daffodils are bursting,
The trees are getting back to life as spring starts to outshine the frigid winter.
The Busy bees have started humming and spreading the message of spring
while the caterpillars are reaching out to reverent warmth of the star.

I hear the laughter, of the little kids, stuck too long inside,
Those tiny tykes, getting their knees scraped, oh what fun it is to be a child.
As it gets warmer every day, I start to mourn winter as it grows further away,
But the amiable tune of spring is what really fills the world with hope every single day!

By Mohammed Uzair

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The Magic Of Spring

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