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A Place For All To Live

Life is full of ups and downs, but sometimes it shows its ruthful matrix of misery and melancholy that It’s very harsh to live. This tough situation was confronted by 18 year teenager, Ajay Das living in Gauhati as he consequently lost his one year old toddler brother, eating poisons set for rat killing, and then his mother, afflicted by sudden heart attack probably because of her little son’s demise. Life has put the town boy in an indelible test living with father, Sanjay Das.

His father was a forest officer in Sivanagar Forest area. He left the office for the last one month spending time alone with Ajay at home after two horrendous tragedies in their life. Sanjay was a good caretaking guardian. Frequently he took Ajay for hangouts and spent a bunch of time with him playing cricket, cards, and watching movies in theatres. As time is being harsh on them, Sanjay consulted with his son to move on with shifting to Sivanagar district where he has office. After several days of insistence, finally he succeeded in convincing him for the big change. Besides, Sanjay managed to transfer his college there, admitting him to a nearby government college. Really it was very onerous for Ajay to alter his childhood memories lingering in place all of sudden and on other hand, heavy loss of most loved ones.

Finally they got there in the Sivanagar forest area at night and bustled to the house Sanjay arranged nearby for rent. On the first very morning, Ajay was left stunned by the aesthetic charmings of the mother nature there; lofty mountain ranges of Himalayas, soothing breezes, sloppy cultivating lands in between the hills, delicate clouds touching the peak of the hills, small and beautiful houses ally in a row, dense and mesmerising Sivanagar forest covering the western side of the village, lovely sounds of domestic animals, etc. All this natural aura is amusing him a little giving some sorts of relief from the trauma. Ajay often walks along with father in forest patrol where he sees rinos, packs of elements, and flock of great hornbills quite

One day while patrolling, Ajay noticed a pack of elephants roaming hastily. Among them, a baby elephant was dragging Ajay’s attention as it was only one baby in the pack, was loved and cared for by everyone, and the most energetic scamp. Nowadays due to lack of edible food in the forest, wild elephants start breaking into the village boundary at night and often take a heavy toll on the crops of villagers. Villagers began complaining of this commotion to the forest office. Thus Sanjay has to go on night patrol quite a lot. As days passed by, farmers began treating the elephants fiercely and that is because of their incessant loss of crops.

Some farmers set thorny fences around the fields, some dig potholes, and some put scarecrows. Day by day the situation worsens. One day an elephant was found dead strangled by the thorny metal fences and another day two more. Now Ajay became tense about the chaos and he was entirely shaken by shock when found that the baby elephant and his mother succumbed to death after eating venomous bananas trapped by a farmer. Baby elephant’s death put him in gross disappointment as it was the exact resemblance of his little brother’s cause. He was desperately seeking for any resolution at any cost, because he could not see any more casualties. So headed to his college professor, consulted him about the issue, and sought a resolution which would be beneficial for both–villagers and elephants.

Finally they came up with a great idea and that is to cultivate non-human-eaten crops and herbs in the forest in a perceptive scale, so elephants no longer head towards village areas. This idea was given to the forest office and soon with help of villagers the forest department implemented this idea and then no longer elephants attacked the villagers. Even sometimes elephants pass by villages without causing any damage and thus it became “a place for all to live”

By Imran Sekh

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A Place For All To Live

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