The Olascar

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The Olascar

Chapter 1 – Lily goes to find Olivia

Lily on a sunny day was playing with her small sister Olivia. They were playing a game called Pound (The game was made by Olivia in which you put water in a bucket and watch a plastic duck floating). Suddenly Lily shouted, “My pancake!” (She could smell it burning) and went in the hut to remove it. As Lily shouted, Olivia got scared and her little ducky seemed to be nowhere in sight. It seemed that ducky had strayed into the nearby woods. So, she followed her ducky into the deep dark, lonely woods. When Lily returned, she saw Olivia from a distance running towards the woods. Then she called out loudly, but Olivia did not hear. Lily waited for Olivia to return as she could not leave her old grandma alone in the hut. Olivia did not return. Lily went into the jungle to find her sister.

After sometime, Lily gathered courage, took all the necessary things and went off to find her sister. As she moved forward, every now and then she could hear someone voces uttering, “she is here!” (all in a chorus). As her steps moved forward the rising voices grew. At last, when she realised that she was deep in the woods she stopped.

Suddenly, Lary(their neighbour). All she remembers was that she opened her eyes when in a cat ten. Larytook Lily and put her in a catten (a place where usually the lion used to eat the humans). All the animals in the woods surrounded Lily and the first thing she saw was the face of a monkey (Mau the monkey was a very experienced animal and his name was Danny). She was scared and before she could start screaming, Danny weirdly shut her mouth with his hands to prevent her from screaming and said, “Fear not, little girl, we are here to help you.”

Later, Larysaid, “Yes, you are in a safe place here. Tell us what made you stray in the woods.”
Larycontinued, “These animals actually can help you if you help them in return.”
Lily was aghast as this but replied,” Help you all? Me? How can I help you all?” (The lion then continued)

He went speaking (wistfully):

The Lion said, “Once upon a time we, the animals living in the jungle used to live a happy life but from the time the water monsters have stolen our “Olascar’ and our life has become hell. I as the king of this jungle used to set the rules of the jungle and always tried my best to protect all from humans and the monsters. I always ensured I protected the Olascar from any danger but the monster has surprisingly stolen our Olascar.

Lily asked in surprise, “What is the Olascar about?”

Danny explained, “The Olascar is a magical stone having magical powers of our ancestors. It is now taken away by the monsters and we have chosen you to bring it back for us”

Lily said to herself, “I must help them but how?”

Danny said, “We will give you training.’ Lily said, “I am here to find my sister. Sorry I don’t think you need me to do it.”

The Lion roared,” Our little saviour, only you can help us!”

Danny pleaded, “We cannot do this as only a human can.”

Lily demanded, “Well then, help me find my sister first!”

Laryreassuringly said, “Don’t worry, we will help you find her.”

Lily calmed down and hoped to find Olivia soon.

And off they went…. 

Chapter 2 – Lily learned their method

Snake (Lily is very much scared from snakes also use to hate them)

Snake, “Hi Lily! I am Snaty the snake leader. I am now going to train you and Laryto go to get our Olascar.”
Lily, “hhhh hi! “
Lary, “hi! “
Lily said to Lary,”Are you not scared of the snake?”
Larypatted Lily’s back saying, “Ha! Snakes?”
Santy shouted, “Come on girl, we have to work a lot now. Today is the first and the last day I am going to teach you so pay attention! “

The human’s eye takes about 202 milliseconds to blink once but a snake can strike out and reach their target within 50 to 90 milliseconds. So today I am going to teach you how to strike fast as we do. As soon as he completed, they heard a roar. It was the Lion supervising the training and confirming it.

Lily was very sure there is something very shocking waiting for her. Nevertheless, she continued. And she was right! She had to much down a handful of crispy insects to get an additional dose of energy. Lily puked at the sight of the crawling creepies but had to swallow them down.

Lily realised that she was double on the energy than before they had eaten their food. Lily was shocked because she had never felt so refreshed before. She was felt stronger and ready for battle very in the woods.

They were now very dedicated towards their training too. They had learned how to attack and defence very fast escape from a trouble quick. They had started their training at afternoon but ended it at late night. They were very tired and just could not wait to sleep so they did not even eat anything and slept. They were in deep sleep thinking they have no more training to do. But, but… the trouble was far from over.

Chapter 3 – Lily meets the Octopus

The two had woken up and wondered how far could the Olascar be from their reach? The special energy packed diet for was a feast of exotic fresh crunchy fruit salad. Hati the elephant announced, “Come, all be ready to ride on me.” “Laryand Lily we need to reach the pond to get trained by “Octopi’ the octopus”. This made the two very sad. They felt as if all the happiness was taken away in just a minute. “More training?” grumbled Lily.

They were very upset but they could not do anything. They were in shock because how can an octopus teach us as we live on land and the octopus lives in water.
So, the elephant explained, “This jungle before also had magic powers but they vanished away with the Olascar. Now what are we going to do? “
Elephant,”We still have some power left and so we all animals are going to give it you so that you can dive into the water and the octopus will teach you.”

Lily shivered as she dived into the slimy green pond. Now they could actually talk and breath inside the water. This was very cool but the training was not. They were very unhappy doing it. Larywas very scared from the octopus. They were all doing their training learning the tricks to distract the enemies. They also learned some ways of attacking. It was afternoon and their training had ended.

Late evening that day….

The food for the two was too good to resist. Roasted lamb on a barbecue fire! The cool night and the roast lamb was irresistible! The hot soup broth was comforting and appetising, the waft of the spice was in the air.

The camp fire was lit and all decided to rest…. Suddenly, there was a thud… “What could it be?”, Lily woke up trembling.

Then when they reached there, they realised that the trees could not move from their place. The banana tree was smashed, some wild bushes uprooted and the wind was stormy. There was chaos in the midst of the dark night. All the animals ran helter skelter.

The lion got to the centre of the wide circle they had drawn and roared, “I am the king of the jungle, whoever wants to attack the animals or any tiny living being will first be ready to battle me.”

The rustling in the dark soon stopped and there was quite again. “But who could it be?” wondered Lily.

The next day when Lily woke up, Lary was missing … all began looking for him as only Laryhad the map to the hiding place of the monster. Lily searched high and low. The animals scattered in all directions to look for Lary. As today was the third and final day she had to find Olivia and the Olascar!

After much searching thy found a strange tunnel. “Let’s try to look what is inside, this was a tricky one as there was a canoe to take them through. The lion warned, “Caution please, you could be attacked by the Monster or any ferocious creature!” Good Luck! All Lily could think of was her sister so Octopi , Lily and Mau sat into the canoe and were soon out of the sight of the anxious looking animals.

Chapter 4 – The Monster Attacks

They were now on their journey to bring Olivia and the Olascar. They were having two bags and kept going kept going for like 2 hours till that time they felt very hungry so they stopped at one place to eat. They had some fresh corn to eat some ropes and a sharp knife.

Suddenly, they heard a noise and after some time it increased and they saw a big monster. It had big teeth, red eyes, and thorns on his back.

Lily was very scared but decided to face the monster. The monster appeared right in front of them, ferocious, evil eyes and looked like he had the strength of a thousand demons.

She was very sure that she would not be able to defeat the monsters but she remembered “Hush ho, hush ho …doom’ a mantra her grandmother had taught her to scare away evil. Lily uttered “Hush ho, hush ho …doom’ and immediately the monster shut his ears with both hand and screamed…. She uttered it louder than before “Hush ho, hush ho …doom’. The monster fell to the ground like a weak tree crashing to the ground. She was about to utter it for the third time when the monster yelled, “Stop!” “Your sister Olivia is hidden at the end of the tunnel and so the Olascar hidden beneath her feet!”

The trio rowed towards the end of the dark tunnel and were surprised to find Olivia and Larry tied to the tree trunk. Mau unfastened the rope and placed her in the canoe. The octopus dived into the waters and called the water creatures to help him seek the Olascar. The bubbling leather wrapped Olascar soon began floating on the dark waters. Lily grabbed it open and marvelled at the shiny stone.

Lily and Olivia hugged each other, Mau had tears of joy and Ocatopu bobbed into the waters.

So, with the help of the canoe, off they returned to the mouth of the tunnel. After much toil they finally reached to exit and were welcomed by the cheering crowd of the animals.
Lily and Olivia had safely reached their home and soon joined their anxious grandma.

So she recollected what the octopus had thought her. She first went under the water and used the method the octopus had thought her to be less effected by the tsunami. As Larynew that she would go under water she had send exactly 5 ravers (water monsters called by the jungle animal). So Lily took a different waopon from her costume and tried to kill the monster but the monster was very powerful so Lily took a big rock and put it on the monsters back which broke a little part of a stone on the animals head. This decreased the power of the monster. So then she took five bigger rocks and thew it on the monsters back, she than waited to see if they were dead. After some time when they were not reacting she thought they were dead and went. When she swan a little ahead she heard someone speaking, “hey! Stop we are like the jungle animals but we just use to stay in he water. After Larytook the Olascar we are in the are powers have decreased and because of that she had put this stone on our back, so that she could control us. We could not even attack as our powers were taken.”
Lily turned around and she told the monsters that if they could help me, I will be able to take the Olascar.

The monsters agreed and helped Lily to reach till the mountain. Now she was there at the mountain but she had to climb the mountain for that.

Chapter 5 – Lily meets Olascar

She planned something, she saw a coconut tree beside that a branch which could her. Then she cut it into 2 pieces with her weapon and then with the help of the pieces she could climb the tree all that was different was that instead of the axe she uses the branches.

She was now on the top of the mountain. She could not see anything rest of a circle in the middle. She thought she has to stand on it so as she was moving forward she saw Lary.

Larywas on the same monster which she had fought before but now instead of the monster she had to fight with lary. Now was when Lily was getting a feeling that she could die. Still, she fought against lary. When Laryuse to try to kick Lily use to punch her before she could do anything. When Larytry to punch her Lily use to kick her before she could do anything.

Lily managed to push Laryfrom the mountain and she was successful. She was feeling very sad but she had no choice as she had to save her sister. So than she went on the circle and after some time she slide down through a slide. At the end of the slide she fall down from it and was in pain but it is said that no pain np gain. Lily had found the Olascar hurayyyyy! She went and pick up The Olascar.

Chapter 6 – Lily meets Olivia

As she picked up the Olascar a bright light flashed and in the next second she was between the animals. She was so happy to help the animals and save her sister. The Lion asked, ” Where is Lary?”

Lily said , “Every thing that is happening is just because of Lary. She is the one who had took your Olascar”. Every animal was so shocked to hear that they all told Lily sorry to take her sister and thank you to save us

Lily was very happy but exited to meet her sister. She ran towards her cottage. After some time when she reached there she was shocked to see her parents too with her sister. She started crying too see her parents. And asked where they were these years?

Their answer clearly completed her dream. She was know so happy she could not even explain.

By Kimaya Jain

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The Olascar

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