The World’s Greatest Treasure

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The World’s Greatest Treasure

“It’s all your fault that we’re lost!” exclaimed the frustrated Lin to her brother. Sweat trickled all over her raging, irritated face as she scowled at her brother, Tom. It was all his and his stupid map’s fault that they were stuck in the middle of nowhere!

Grass as long as their knees and vines all over the trees surrounded them as they plodded in the deep, earthy mud. They were supposed to follow a map ,given by their mother, to end up finding the world’s greatest treasure. Their mother was an intelligent woman who had been severely fed up with the way her children Tom and Lin were fighting. So, innovatively she had plotted to create a treasure hunt for them to find the so-called world’s greatest treasure.

Thus, they were headed off to find their treasure by following a very inefficient map that caused them to get lost countless times!

“Lin, let’s trace back our steps, maybe we’ll find something that will help us to get on the right track,” Tom anxiously declared.

“Hmm,” replied the tentative Lin, “But, you know, we would have never gotten lost if you would have been better with directions!”. And so, they continued arguing and grumbling throughout the arduous task to retrace their steps. And so, time flew rapidly as the sun melted down from the sky, taking away all the warmth, leaving a serene, enigmatic night sky behind.

Since it was getting late, they decided to rest in a warm looking cave for the night. The next day, they were much more cooperative with each other. With new hopes instilled in their minds, they headed off to their final destination, a tranquil and peaceful lake.

People say that beauty is always restricted to some limit but this lake made even Lin and Tom doubt themselves. The sparkling aura and clear waterbody twinkled and glistened as it slept peacefully along with the hazy clouds and shining sun. It looked like there were two skies! Their treasure was supposed to be here somewhere, but it was nowhere to be found! The baffled Lin and Tom started frantically searching all of their surroundings for some clue or the other.

Overcome by shock of not finding anything, the startled Lin bent towards the sparkling lake, enthralled by its beauty, unaware of the depth that lurked under it. She crept closer gingerly, but lost her balance. Splash!!! She was drowning!!! “Help!!” yelled the desperate Lin, “Tom! Save me! You know I can’t swim!!”

The baffled Tom turned back to see his beloved sister drowning in the midst of the twinkling lake. He jumped gallantly and with all his might, pulled the choking Lin out of the water.

Spluttering, Lin exclaimed “Thank you Tom! You know, I think that after all this adventure I have realized that money or jewels aren’t the world’s greatest treasures. We don’t need them anymore! After this, I have finally realized that it’s our love for each other that is actually important. We have finally discovered what we were finding!”

And so, they happily went home, hand in hand, the now useless map fallen on the ground, cherishing their love for each other.

And so, my dear readers, this is a valuable lesson of life. Money and riches will always come and go, but it’s your bond with your loved ones that will be inevitable

By Divisha

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The World’s Greatest Treasure

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