Trying To Get Comfortable

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Trying To Get Comfortable

Alex stood nervously at the gates of Oakwood Heights High School, clutching a schedule. It was his third School in three years and he felt like an outsider in the bustling hallways. He found his first class, history, and Joe says the bell rang and slipped into a seat, earning a brief welcome from the teacher.

Lunch time was the hardest for Alex. he stood in the cafeteria, Trey in hand, scanning for an empty spot. Just as he was about to resign himself to sitting alone, a boy with Sandy hair
called out, “Hey, new guy! Over here!”

Relieved, Alex joined him. “I’m Alex,” he said.

“James,” the boy replied with a friendly smile. “I saw you in History. Need a friend?” Over the next few days, James became Alex’s guide, introducing him to friends and showing
him around. one afternoon, and James invited Alex to a Halloween party. Alex, reluctant at first, agreed, donning a makeshift pirate costume James had put together. The party was a turning
point. Alex felt accepted, especially after talking to Sarah, the host. They exchanged numbers, and Alex’s life at Oakwood Heights began to feel more like home; he joined the soccer team,
encouraged by James and enjoyed the camaraderie. Then came the news: another move. Alex’s heart sank. He confided in James under the old oak tree.

“We’re moving again,” Alex said quietly. James put a hand on his shoulder. “That sucks, but you’ll make it. We’ll always be friends.” On his last day, Sarah organized a farewell party, filled with laughter and promises to stay in touch. James gave Alex a small package. “Open it when you get there,” he said. In his new room, Alex opened the package to find a scrapbook with photos and notes from his time at Oakwood Heights. James’s note read: “No matter where you go, you’re never alone. Stay awesome.”

Alex smiled, feeling a warmth spread through him. He knew that no matter where life took him, he had the strength to face it, thanks to his new friends who had shown him what it meant to belong.

By Benjamin Martos

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Trying To Get Comfortable

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