Marlene’s Treasure Hunt

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Marlene’s Treasure Hunt

“Land Ho!” Shouted a buccaneer as the Golden Angel came close to the island, Captain Marlene had always dreamed of since she was a child. She promised her ill father, that one day, she would discover all of the treasure on the island, her father talked so much about.

But, locating this island was quite challenging and took years, and years to obtain the one and only, map of this special island. Oh, and it was not easy tracking down sincere men as, pirates wanted all of the riches for themselves.

“Ahoy mateys! I’m Cap’n Marlene, owner of this ship and everything on it. Now I’ve assigned each one of you a job, and cabin. I don’t want any sort of trouble on my ship, so bear with each other. I’m sure everyone has a cutlass? Good, now chop chop! Off to work you go!” The captain instructed everyone as the voyage would start soon. The captain was enthusiastic but, little did she know, that the journey wouldn’t be as simple as she thought it would be. The voyage started early in the morning, so that they would catch the morning tide. The journey was going smooth…until BOOM! A cannon was fired right onto the deck of The Golden Angel, creating a hole in the middle of the floor. “ALL HANDS ON DECK! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!” A buccaneer shouted. “Shiver me timbers! Where did that ship come from! How didn’t I see the Jolly Roger? Well, that doesn’t matter now. FIRE THE CANNONS! You, you, and all of you, follow me to the other vessel.” Captain Marlene panicked, “And the rest of you! Fire the cannons, fix the hole, keep the ship safe!” “YES MA’AM”, the crew replied.

“Marlene… what a surprise to see you. I wouldn’t have thought a little girl like you would have the map, but here you are. Anyways I need the map right now or… I’m going to scuttle your ship.” The captain said. “It’s Captain Marlene, and I will NEVER hand the map to a wicked man like you! You are shark bait now…” Captain Marlene spoke with pride, and attacked the man, who she thought would support her. “Stop right there little cousin. I don’t want to cause bloodshed. We can all agree I would look better with the riches.” Said the Captain. But, Marlene didn’t listen and signaled her crew to charge on the evil pirates. “Don’t say I didn’t warn ye’… come on crew!” Exclaimed the treacherous pirate. “NO! You want all the treasure for yourself!” Cried one man. “Ye’ are greedy!” Said another one. “We won’t help you!” Every one of the evil pirates backed off, and made the man walk the plank. “Don’t say I didn’t warn ye’!” Captain Marlene chuckled as the dishonest man was thrown off board. “Thank you… now I will be returning to my ship. Ciao!” Marlene left with a satisfied look.

And soon, the voyage began again. “GROWL” Everyone was starving. Fortunately, a restaurant for sea explorers was in sight. “All Hands Off Deck!” Cried a buccaneer. “Everyone! We will be staying here till night! Consider this… a reward for your trustworthiness.” Captain Marlene exclaimed. Little did the Captain know, things were about to get really messy. Everyone walked in the restaurant, had a meal and went away to their rooms, but Captain Marlene started investigating the area. “Who here goes by the name Ma’lene?” A strong-looking individual said, “Is that you… miss?” “It depends… why are you looking for her?” The captain asked. “So… you’re the one who STOLE MY MAP! I want it back… PLEASE”, the person spoke with anger.

Captain Marlene backed up, “Hmmm… how about NO! Goodbye.” But, before she could run, a man from her OWN crew stopped her, “I’m dearly sorry but he paid me to share your location.” “I CAN’T BELIVE YOU! Leave me alone!” Captain Marlene sprinted to her crew’s rooms and told them to head over to the ship. Then, she found scraps of paper, and rolled them to look like the map. She then left it on the floor and ran towards her ship. “Go, go, GO!” She said to the one who was steering the ship. “No more stops, lets go find the treasure.”

Days passed, and everyone was exhausted. “Land Ho!” A buccaneer shouted. “It’s… it’s… we’re here!” Captain Marlene said with eyes full of tears. “Let’s go boys! The treasure must be… around that flag! Come one!” Soon, the hidden treasure was uncovered, and Marlene could afford her fathers’ surgery. She still had a colossal pile of gold coins left. Were they stolen? Did she spend them? I don’t know. But, I do know there still is some treasure on that island, which is why I have to keep it a secret. Bu, who knows, maybe someone got it already? No one… will ever know.

By Maroosha Taimoor Agha

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Marlene’s Treasure Hunt

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